Monday, November 10, 2014

Loving the Best of Taiwan with the Seal of Excellence

The Best of Taiwan for all of us!

I love Taiwan!  There I said it, haha but really,  I love going and coming back to Taiwan, but most specially I love eating Taiwan foods!  Sad to say you can only bring so much home when you go back to Manila, I hate luggage weight limits, yeah but that's a reality.  

And once so often I still crave for the best of Taiwan, not just their food but what the whole Taiwan experience brings.

But I'm so glad that Taiwan products and produce are slowly but surely coming in the country, and with my busy schedules with work recently, it indeed is a blessing in disguise.  

With today's globalization, the people's shopping choices expand exponentially, including us Filipinos, which can access goods and services from different countries.  However, with so much coming in there are no guarantees that imported goods from different countries are of high quality. That is where Taiwan excels, they have addressed this concern through its Bureau of Foreign Trade of Taiwan and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), and organized and implemented a campaign to help Filipino consumers identify the best from the rest.

Taiwan Excellence is a campaign that recognizes high-quality Taiwanese brands, guaranteeing the superior quality and value.  The Taiwan Excellence campaign started as part of the Ministry of Economic Affair's (MOEA) 5 year plan to reise Taiwan's International competitiveness by supporting its local brands.  These companies are awarded based on R&D, design, quality and marketing efforts and with such are allowed to use the Taiwan Excellence Seal locally and internationally.

All Taiwan based brands are eligible to be part of the campaign, each product is scored based on its the above mentioned criteria, and after careful evaluation these selected brands are then allowed to carry the Taiwan Excellence Seal.  The judges then choose those who deserve the Silver and Gold Award recognition, and from the original winners, they will select 10 to be give the Gold Award.

This campaign was first introduced to the Philippines to benefit Filipino consumers who purchased products from Taiwan.  The campaign carried the theme "Excellent Lifestyle" not just to showcase the 56 excellent brands but to let Filipinos recognize how these products would give them an excellent lifestyle.  Some of the brands under the campaign include Acer, Asus, HTC, Tatung and BenQ.

In the end, it is us the Filipinos who benefit from such a campaign, not only do we get the best of what Taiwan can offer, we also benefit from the high standards their products bring to us.  All in all, a better lifestyle and a better life for us all.

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