Friday, February 25, 2011

Play and Win Gardenia breads delivered to your doorstep

 Win thousands worth of 
Gardenia Bread

A. How to win

• The game is multiple choice. Correctly answer 3 out of 5 questions correctly by clicking on the choices provided to earn one virtual raffle ticket.

• You may look at a clue on the website by clicking on the text link: Need a clue? This is found at the bottom of the multiple choice question. This will open a new window showing the Gardenia website page with information on the specific trivia question.

• You may only play once per week. To play multiple times, you must invite a friend and that friend must join and play the Trivia Challenge. This makes for a successful invite.

Like Gardenia Philippines on Facebook, to join the contest.

• Every successful invite earns you a virtual token so you can play again. The more friends who join, the more chances you have to earn tokens. With more tokens you have more opportunities to play and more chances of winning in the raffle.

• All participants who are awarded with a virtual raffle ticket are eligible for the electronic raffle.

• Cut-off time for the daily raffle is 12:00 midnight.
• Announcements will be made in the Gardenia Philippines fan page before at about 10:00 am the morning after.
• Raffle draws will be:
1. Daily: Monday to Saturday
2. Weekly: Every Sunday
3. One grand draw.
• All virtual raffle ticket holders from 12 midnight to 12 midnight of that day are eligible for the daily electronic raffle draw.
• All virtual raffle ticket holders for a certain week are eligible for the weekly electronic raffle draw.

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