Monday, February 7, 2011

I am LOUD, LOUD as Tommy Hilfiger

Here we are, me and my wife Joan, LOUD in Paris, France
the trip which we recently won
I have been down, I have been hurt, but I never gave up.  Joining contests, online promos can be hard, frustrating and can be very addicting.  I have lost quite a few, I have won quite a few.  But because of this, there inspires a blog like Manila Life, my blog, where I would share the treasures and fabulous things the internet has to offer.  

I am proud and LOUD to say that I have won, but the most important thing is that the readers of my blog also have won for themselves prizes, trips and more!  I will continue to be LOUD, I will continue on this journey to provide my readers and the rest of the world what the internet can offer..

Let us all be LOUD, and say to the world WE ARE LOUD! WE ARE WINNERS!


  1. wow, congrats. has something new, too, Valentine's day special. They're giving away 2 iPod shuffles and other prizes.

  2. Thank you Sir for sharing... I will make another post to share this to our dear readers!! Thanks for visiting and contributing =)



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