Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photo Video Expo 2010

PVX @ SMX June 17 - 19
Graphic Expo appends Photo VPVXideo Exp
Successful for 14 years, the Graphic Expo is expanding into photography and video with the addition of the Photo Video Expo—800 additional square meters of exhibition space in SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia.
This is big. This is BIGGER. Bigger than any photo show you've seen in the Philippines. And it's better, and more complete, covering more technologies than any imaging show in town.

2 Trade Shows Photo Video Expo & Graphic Expo

5 Technologies Photography • Video • Graphics • Web • Digital Printing

30+ Lectures & Presentations Led by Per-Andre Hoffmann, Frank Hoefsmit, Tilak Hettige

2800 Square Meters exhibiting still and video cameras, photo printers, wide-format and special-media printers, and computers

4 Photo Exhibition Walls by the country's best camera clubs

Sign up here for a chance to win prizes like Ipod and GC's
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