Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A failed launch event for MEGA Magazine

I am a blogger.  What do I do?  I blog /write/express and reach out to people, my readers, my friends and everyone else in the world.

I am just a new blogger, and am just a small spec of dust in the internet world.  But, I am still a part of it nonetheless.  We, the bloggers are the next generation media, where all bureaucracies of the networks and affiliations are never taken into consideration.  We share our own point of view, our individuality, our uniqueness in expressing our opinions into whatever we partake in.  We, are invited by media people, PR firms to join in events, launches, reviews to give them exposure.

Recently, one of our fellow blogger, had a very sad experience covering her "BY INVITATION EVENT".
She was invited by this PR firm to cover for the event, and sad to say, the treatment to her was far from being even treated as a guest to the event.  The PR firm should be ashamed of themselves, and the magazine should look into it's ranks again for getting such a so-so PR firm.

Share her experience HERE
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