Monday, February 22, 2010


I was invited to the premiere showing of "From Paris with Love" starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers and directed by Pierre Morel (Taken) which took place at Robinson's Galleria cinema 2, distributed by Viva International Pictures.

(Thanks to azrael
and Ms. Arlene Garcia for welcoming us movie bloggers to the event)

This is the first collaboration of these two great actors, where John Travolta plays Charlie Wax, an agent sent by the United States to get the job done, that teams up with Jonathan Rhys Meyers as James Reese, an embassy worker, with an ambition to be an agent, has to partner with Wax to be what we can say is "to be part of the club".

                              "WAX ON, WAX OFF"

Just like the old days, John Tavolta kicks a** in this movie, it seems he doesn't even age a bit during his action sequences and flawless gun shooting antics... kinda reminds you of his action sequences during his top notch movie "FACE OFF" with Nic Cage.  Though this time add a little spice and comedy relief with a natural way of expressing his comedic side. John's charisma never fades....

On the other hand, we have Jonathan Rhys Meyers... gone are the days when he was just part of the cast as he has portrayed in MI:3, he has been given a lot of projects lately, also in his credits is his portrayal of King Henry VIII in  "The Tudors". He has much potential to be seen.

 Now to the exciting part, the plot revolves around the what should we say the bad side of Paris, the side where France does not want you to know... the underground..... the mafias.... the drug dens.  The location is set in the great city of Paris, Wax (Travolta) and Reese (Meyers) set out within the streets of Paris looking for clues and leads as to who is the mastermind behind all the drug dealings within the city which came about the death of a niece of top US official.  They set out to discover that some are plotting an assassination of a US official not knowing who is the bait.... what comes afterwards are bullets flying all over.. action sequences and must I say an awesome car chase..... the driver of that AUDI should be commended, exquisitely done and full of adrenaline..... I'd love to learn how to drive like that.

In the end it all comes down to brains of Reese and the brawn of Wax to finish the job.  This is an action-packed movie I would recommend to anyone.... even if you're not a Travolta fan, the action sequences here would leave you at the edge of your seat, and wanting for more.....

I would love it if there would be a sequel to this..... the combination of Travolta and Meyers is a class unmatched by any duo on screen.  So what are you waiting for.... fall in line.. watch this flick!!! You won't regret it. Well worth your money spent...

Regular showing starts on Feb. 24, 2010.

Watch the trailer here:

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