Friday, February 26, 2010

Get Unlimited Email on your phone with GLOBE UNLIMAIL FREE!!!

Globe Telecom Inc. recently released the "Beta" version, meaning "FREE" version of their UNLIMAIL program, I was invited to witness the said event, held at Blue Water Day Spa, Ortigas Branch.

We were given a dry run on how UNLIMAIL would work on our cellphones.

What is Globe TaTToo UNLIMAIL?

Unlimail is an unlimted mobile email service that enables you to send and receive emails directly on your mobile device anytime, anywhere

UnliMAIL is currently on BETA version until March 31, 2010.

You can have your emails delivered to you in real time, as if you were really online. no need for a PC to respond to urgent emails. Send, download, and view attachments with ease!

To register, text UNLIMAIL to 8888. You will receive an SMS notification message containing a WAP link. Click on the link to download the UNLIMAIL application for FREE. Choose myGlobe Connect APN as your connection setting, and the application will automatically download onto your phone. Click on the UNLIMAIL application to start sending and receiving emails. 

For help in configuring and using Globe Tattoo UNLIMAIL, you may call Globe's 24 hr customer service hotline at 730-1000 or toll-free at 222. You can also visit their website for the user guide at

Is my handset compatible with UNLIMAIL?
Currently, only the following handsets are supported by UNLIMAIL but please watch out as we will be continually rolling out and expanding supported handsets:

Nokia N73
Nokia N95

Nokia E90
Nokia E65
Nokia 6210 Classic
Nokia 6620 Classic
Nokia 3250
Nokia N80
Nokia E51

Nokia 6300
Nokia 5310
Sony Ericsson K800i
Nokia 6280
Nokia 7210 Super Nova
Nokia 5300
Sony Ericsson K810i
Sony Ericsson K770i
Sony Ericsson K700
Nokia 6600 Slide
Nokia 3120 Classic

UNLIMAIL is available to all Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, Globe Tattoo Mobile subscribers.

Now here is the exciting part. As you may know this promo is until March 31, 2010 only, What if I can show you how to get it for another 3 months free!!! Please follow the following steps:
               1.) Register using your phone by typing UNLIMAIL to 8888.
               2.) After registering, click on WAP link on your text message to download and install the email client on your cellphone.
               3.) Email me your name, cellphone no. and email address with subject line "GLOBE UNLIMAIL" to
               4.) Leave a comment on this post so that I can check for your email, and follow this blog.
**** Deadline to submit your email is on March 18, 2010 to give time for me to forward to Globe.

I will forward your information to Globe for checking, I will email you as well for the confirmation from Globe for your eligibility.  Lastly spread to word to your friends, if you have referred this to your friends, you can also include them in your email to me so that they be included in the said promotion.

Thank you for supporting this blog and HAVE A NICE DAY!!!  Thanks to Mr. Coy Caballes of Globe for inviting me to this launching event.

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