Monday, February 7, 2022

Thriving properties for end-use and investment post-pandemic

As people spent months sheltering at home, they started to realize a house was more than just a roof over their heads but was also a sanctuary, a refuge from pandemic and other crises now and in the future.

And they also learned that, if they choose wisely, real estate was a good place to put their money with its increasing value while other investments shrank or totally collapsed during a highly disruptive crisis like a pandemic.

These lessons were particularly clear to buyers and investors in Filigree, a brand that redefines luxury with healthy and investment-worthy properties and is focused on delivering a quality experience to clients.

For residents, today’s new normal highlighted Filigree’s appeal and underscored features that made it highly livable; a haven where they can be safe and well. The pandemic also showed that the property could evolve and endure through time enabling buyers to cope with and adapt to changing realities.

How it’s Built. Filigree properties consider both quantity and flexibility, with ample spaces to allow for multi-use or multi-generational living and to respond to the needs of residents even during a pandemic.

Promotes health and well-being. As demand for open spaces and close-to-nature settings grew, Filigree’s design that allows natural light, better ventilation and panoramic views of nature and outdoor spaces have become major marketing draws. Filigree uses eco-friendly materials in keeping with its overall goal of green or sustainable development to enhance residents’ quality of life.

Built to last. Filigree’s distinctive designs were crafted by world-class firms, Architecture International, Leandro V Locsin Partners, AECOM Singapore, and Miaja Design Group; and they were executed by reliable and reputable contractors.

Cost-efficient. With its sustainable design, Filigree clients and residents are guaranteed the resiliency of their investments. Botanika Nature Residences, for instance, is a certified green condominium building, designed to reduce energy and water consumption through its leaf-shaped structure and an atrium that provides breathing space for residents.

Prime location. Filigree properties are located in a laid-back community that keeps the hustle and bustle of urban life at bay. Residents can even choose to skip the maddening metropolis as everything they want or need is located within easy reach. And those who miss city life can enjoy it at a safe distance as their homes offer uninterrupted views of the urban landscape, even as they savor the beauty of nature. Filigree projects are strategically located in Filinvest City and Filinvest Mimosa+ which consist of mixed-use developments that are drawing investors and people eager to take advantage of opportunities offered by their enhanced masterplans.

Seamless buying experience. Filigree lives up to its promise of a gracious living experience that keeps home, work and leisure, all curated in a phygital journey-- blending of digital experiences with physical assets. With health and safety its main priority, interested buyers and investors do not need to go through the hassle of going outside with the availability of digital materials ready to assist prospective buyers to a safe look-see journey. As for site tours, showrooms and properties are well-maintained by a management team and reliable 24/7 surveillance to ensure safety and comfort of clients, residents and visitors.

“We take pride with the work we do in Filigree because we’ve been able to marry the form & function of a well-designed building with the benefits of sustainability.  Simply put, our developments are built better. And it matters that we offer our buyers the choice of not compromising. That the best of both worlds is actually within reach–the comfort & stability of city living and the luxury of living well in spacious & inspired homes,” shared by Filigree deputy head Daphne Sanchez. In a post-pandemic world, Filigree properties are demonstrating they can maximize returns on investments in the long run for potential and existing clients. While many real estate developments have been battered by the pandemic, the luxury brand has affirmed that it can withstand the disruptions of a major crisis and be ready to thrive in the new normal and beyond.

Interested to check out Filigree properties and experience the luxury it takes pride in? Log on to or call for an appointment at its Filigree Showsuites in Filinvest City, where model units of its lavish properties are on display.

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