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Greenfield District redefines connectivity and work-life balance in the new normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people to come to terms with mobility restrictions, remote working, and a more digital way of life. This experience has and will continue to shape priorities, choices, and decisions - especially when it comes to choosing one’s home and workplace.

As the lines blur between work and personal life, Greenfield Development Corporation (GDC), developer of the central business district (CBD), Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City, revealed that today’s condo buyers are looking to settle in a community where connectivity, comfort, security, and all the things that matter to them find a good balance.

Greenfield District breathes life into GDC’s vision of developing communities that will remain relevant through the years. This 15-hectare development was built on two primary foundations: a technologically advanced infrastructure and eco-efficient master plan, that serve as a cradle of residential hubs such as Twin Oaks Place, Zitan and business centers like Greenfield Corporate Tower. GDC shares some of the distinctive features that make condo buyers choose Greenfield District as a place they can call home. 

Smart and Connected. Greenfield District connects its homeowners to a distinct lifestyle defined by ease and convenience with its readily accessible facilities and its prime location. At Zitan, residents no longer have to contend with the stress of being stuck in traffic as their home is closely integrated with the MRT along the main EDSA thoroughfare. Other central business districts and commercial centers are also minutes away from the development where a wide array of leisure and dining spots await the residents who want to relax and enjoy the weekend. And with the “new normal” where remote work becomes an integral part of living, both Twin Oaks Place and Zitan redefine digital connectivity with its ultra-fast Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology that can accommodate different internet service providers. By effectively incorporating technology into practical daily living, homeowners can enjoy various smartphone-based functionalities such as app-controlled lighting, climate control, telecommunications, and many other possibilities. Overall, the interconnectivity and digital convenience these properties offer provides a glimpse to the reality that residents can experience by living in Greenfield District.

Open Space Central Business District. Life in the city can still include a fair share of nature. As Greenfield District gives homes with easy access to open and green spaces, there are various activities that can improve one’s general health and well-being. When the sun is about to set, residents can set up a picnic and enjoy an overall relaxing ambience after a long day’s work. Pets in the city and their human companion can also find a safe and welcoming haven at Greenfield District. The wide open spaces represent Greenfield’s commitment to different kinds of modern urban lifestyles wherein people are encouraged to bring their pets outside instead of keeping them in a cage. These open spaces also provide an avenue for fitness enthusiasts to execute daily workout activities like jogging. With such spaces being vital for living during a pandemic, residents of Zitan and Twin Oaks can ease their cabin fever through green open spaces that comprise a generous portion of the development, and further enhanced by a pedestrian-oriented neighborhood.

Safe and convenient neighborhood.  Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic and the changes it brought about in one’s lifestyle, Greenfield District has continued to provide its residents the convenience and security they need. With its proximity to shops and restaurants, homeowners could readily purchase food, water, medicines, alcohol and other necessities despite the limits imposed by the lockdown. Essential facilities such as hospitals, police and fire stations are also within reach of the Greenfield properties where homeowners can have quick access to various services such as medical, healthcare, and 24/7 security. The property has the admins are also prepared to assist the homeowners by providing important and up-to-date information about the current situation in order to address panic or fear amongst residents and assure them of their safety. These types of services, which Greenfield District provides, have given residents the chance to discover the benefits of living in a well-designed integrated community and experience a safer and more secured environment.

Reimagining Work Life Balance with Greenfield District

In this era of sustainable living and remote work, the importance of having a conducive space flexible for personal and professional activities should be reflected in the vision of home developers. Greenfield District turns to embody these features by promoting an everyday lifestyle of productivity, health and well-being. Considering all these positive aspects, Greenfield District continues to offer properties for those who want to find a balance between work and family life—everything that is highly sought today in the new normal era.

About Greenfield Development Corporation

Greenfield began as one of the Philippines’ largest property ownership and land holding companies, backed by its heritage from Unilab and a 50-year legacy of land stewardship and city building. With its vast landholdings which three generations of the Campos family have nurtured as prized possessions for years, Greenfield recognizes that it is the steward of these crown jewels. Today, Greenfield is one of the Philippines’ most stable and diversified real estate companies, rapidly expanding through aggressive developments in industrial, commercial, residential, recreational and infrastructure projects.

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