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Zack Tabudlo finishes 2021 strong with his full length debut album, Episode!


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2021 was a year of breakthroughs for singer-songwriter, and producer Zack Tabudlo. His anthemic singles “Binibini” and “Nangangamba” dominated multiple local and international charts across major streaming platforms.

After signing to Island Records Philippines/MCA Music in 2020, Zack emerged as one of the fastest rising OPM artists that we have seen in the last year - breaking records for streaming, digital sales, and airplay.

“As we rolled out his songs, there was an exponential growth in his listenership. His songs 'Binibini' and 'Nangangamba' both became #1 on Spotify's Global Viral Chart, topping the charts for four weeks straight. ‘Binibini’ also topped Spotify’s Philippines Top 50 Chart for six straight weeks, where he broke the record for the longest-running number #1 local track by a Filipino RADAR artist. After being added to Spotify’s RADAR Philippines program, Zack was able to reach new fans both locally and internationally.” said Enzo Valdez, Managing Director of MCA Music.

Being part of Spotify’s RADAR program that supports emerging artists, Zack Tabudlo shares, “RADAR Philippines has given me a platform to share more of my music to both the local and global audience. It has given me the motivation to create more music.” He adds, “With the help of Spotify, being able to reach my listeners in a meaningful way does justice to my roots and hard work. I hope the stories that I share about my passion and heart for songwriting will inspire other aspiring young artists to showcase their works and put Filipino music and artists on the global stage.”

This October, Zack Tabudlo is releasing his first full length album ‘Episode’ - a collection of his personal experiences about love, life, and the challenges that he had to overcome while chasing his dreams. All these personal stories were brought to life through the 14-track LP. With emotionally charged and hard-hitting lyrics, the overall vibe of the album is a roller coaster ride of intense feelings of being romantically swept away by love, conveying happiness in its purest form, nursing past heartbreaks, to finally having the courage to forgive and move forward with life.

Episode is a word that gave such an impact to me at times where I was at my lowest,” the singer-songwriter explains. “People would say ‘here he is with another episode’ or another stage of problems, where obviously not anyone would want to experience. It’s ironic to put it as an album title but it’s how I went through these stories, with these episodes. Everything is based on personal experiences, from heartbreak and love, from life to unfortunate events.”

The whole album is Zack’s personal masterpiece. He was the sole writer, producer, and even mixed and mastered all 14 tracks. Zack’s growth as an artist is very evident in this album as he explored various musical styles in bringing these songs to life - ultimately creating his own sound with influences from pop, R&B, bedroom electronica, punk rock, ‘80s, and ‘90s alternative rock.

This growth is something Enzo Valdez has also noticed. “As a composer, he has grown tremendously. We've seen a lot of listeners relating to his lyrics and resonating with his sensibilities. The album also showcases different genres all throughout, making each song a unique experience. This album definitely shows how far Filipino artistry has come despite the challenges of the pandemic,” he shared.

Episode is Zack Tabudlo’s debut album under Island Records Philippines, a domestic label division under MCA Music. This album features his familiar hits such as “Binibini” and “Habang Buhay” with other new songs that will surely tug people’s hearts, stirring emotions and feelings that were once, or never acknowledged.

Episode is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide via Island Records Philippines and MCA Music Inc.

Conquering the World Through Music is Zack Tabudlo’s Childhood Dream

Young Zack Tabudlo wanted to conquer the world—a feat that is aspired by many. An abstract concept that encompasses the realization of one’s ideals as they stand on top of all they have ever dreamed of. An end goal for many. A meter of success.

Zack thinks differently. Since he was a child, he’s had a clear view of the path he wants to take. He knows that conquering the world is not an overnight achievement nor a single-day celebration of whatever success means. For Zack, to conquer the world means to continuously wield the gift that is given to him—music.

At the age of 10, Zack became a finalist in the reality talent show Talentadong Pinoy. At 12, he made Coach Bamboo Mañalac turn his chair upon hearing the first note of his audition piece for The Voice Kids Philippines.

Being a part of the competition pushed him to form the youth singing group, Gravity, with his fellow contenders. With Zack as its frontman, Gravity’s ensemble released Imposible, a song about an unrequited love sung in a catchy pop beat. Aside from Gravity, Zack was also one half of the teen pop duo Zack and Fritz with fellow The Voice Kids alumna Eufritz Santos.

He began his solo music career in 2018, venturing not only in performing but also in songwriting and music production. He believes that to conquer the world of music means to understand and experience it holistically.

“[I have] Worked with different producers—international and local—for months. And having to incorporate all the styles these producers and artists have shown me—it’s definitely something different.”

He plunged even deeper into his passion under the mentorship of Jonathan Ong and Chris Anthony Vinzons of Sonic State Studio. He was also mainly mentored by Cleng Saturno and even got the opportunity to learn from celebrated composer Vehnee Saturno.

In 2020, Zack joined Island Records Philippines where he continued honing his identity as a musician. His singles Nangangamba, Cruel, Sigurado, Iyong Iyo, and Elizabeth are testaments of his evolving creative songwriting and production style. The versatility in infusing the elements of pop and RnB with his arresting vocals is unique in his genius.

This dynamic artistry has launched Binibini, another masterpiece that would bring him to an even bigger canvas in Times Square, New York City. Being featured in one of the most bustling cities in the world is more than just exposureit’s the realization of his dreams. The record-breaking track reigned at the top of Spotify charts for six consecutive weeks and has been the longest-running #1 local track by a Filipino RADAR artist on The Philippines Top 50 Chart in 2021. The same song topped the charts for four consecutive weeks in the Global Viral chart of the same platform.

This gained him a global footing and made it to the Viral 50 charts of Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. His world-class appeal also gained him an international collaboration with British singer-songwriter James TW. Through this team-up, Binibini was reimagined in English with the title Binibini (Last Day On Earth).

“Everything that I achieve, small or big, are milestones to me.”

For Zack, everything that happens in his career is an important experience that will make him grow more as an artist. His Alt-Pop and RnB genres that have captured the hearts of his listeners are, in his own words, “windows” to other genres he wishes to explore in the future. As an artist who continuously challenges convention, Zack is excited to create bigger things for his fans.

“There's a lot of power you can gain with your craft and a lot of consequences and responsibilities you have to commit along the way. Values and roots are also a big reminder to stay grounded through the process... To think of all the things you went through before, and people who believe in you and guide you, are in a way my motivation to become better and bigger at my craft.”

The young artist believes that keeping his feet on the ground means maintaining his footing as he continuously runs towards his dream--to conquer the world through music. Because for Zack Tabudlo, “music itself was the dream.”

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