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Modern entrepreneurs share tips on how to live, work, succeed from home

L-R: Kris Lawrence, Champ Tailors Inc. co-founder, Rhoda Campos-Aldanese, Beauty Scout founder,
Winston Llamas, Wilbros Entertainment Inc. president and Wholemart Philippines CEO

Working from home used to be a fantasy for most.

Not anymore.

It comes with a slew of predicaments: the need for a reliable internet connection to prevent untoward interruptions; the constant search for Zoom-worthy backgrounds for never-ending discussions that could’ve just been emailed; the gasp for open and safe spaces for quick breathers; and so on and so forth.

Running a business remotely adds up to the myriad of challenges the modern entrepreneur faces. Some of the country’s most inspiring business persons who have transformed themselves and their businesses share their secrets to success.


Rhoda Campos-Aldanese, Beauty Scout founder “[Managing a business from home] can be challenging as the work-and-home-life balance is disrupted. Aside from thinking about how to gain exponential growth, we now have to navigate as well that sense of imbalance. It is really important to think of wellness. You need to keep your mind sharp and your body fit as well. It’s good to be in an environment that enables you to live and work well.”

Winston Llamas, Wilbros Entertainment Inc. president and Wholemart Philippines CEO “As an entertainment and concert company, our concerts and events got shut down when the pandemic hit. So we had to focus on other possible areas, such as international talents acquisition. Whatever the situation is, always look at the bright side. Instead of giving up and closing down, we were able to pivot and focus on other things.”

Kris Lawrence, Champ Tailors Inc. co-founder “During the early stages of the pandemic, I was live-streaming and doing Zoom concerts. I also endorsed fashionable PPE’s, or essential fashion, for a garments factory, which eventually got shut down. But my friends and I decided to ‘save’ the factory. That’s how Champ Tailors was born. Today we create export-quality merchandise. It’s important to look for partners who complement your strengths. Also, build your own, personal sanctuary.”

These modern entrepreneurs gamely shared their experiences and expertise at a recent virtual roundtable discussion brought by SM Development Corporation (SMDC), which also launched SMDC’s newest property that caters to the needs of people working from home.

SMDC ICE Tower Residential-Offices (RESO) will offer “spaces for success” and will soon rise at the MOA Complex. It’s a modern development that promotes balance, according to Danny Juric, who was also part of the panel as director of Plus Architecture. The Australia-based firm handled several WeWork projects and was tapped to design ICE Tower RESO.

SMDC ICE Tower RESO provides 844 units in two-bedroom, one-bedroom and studio configurations. Each space is designed to meet the needs of a person working from home with fiber optic technology, 100%-backup power system and emphasis on natural light and ventilation.

SMDC’s new residential-office development also comes with fully-equipped meeting rooms, board rooms and other collaborative corners. A spacious function hall can host a company event or a product launch. There are designated working spaces as well that are made comfortable yet professional.

SMDC ICE Tower RESO is the latest addition to the continuously growing MOA Complex, which remains one of the best areas for property investment in Metro Manila.

This innovative property concept – the first of its kind in the MOA complex whose value has been experiencing tremendous growth will enjoy a widened market base with both the residential and office markets“, said Roy Amado Golez Jr., director of Research & Consultancy at Leechiu Property Consultants Inc., who was part of the panel as well.

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