Sunday, July 4, 2021

vivo V21: The smartphone that matches your TikTok aesthetic


Just like any other fun activity we’ve picked up during quarantine, it’s easy to spend countless hours just scrolling through TikTok. We’ve seen it all here — crazy dance steps, workout routines, informational videos, unconventional-yet-great-tasting recipes, what have you.

And to some, keeping up with the variety of content online can be quite a challenge. So, vivo — a global smartphone brand and lifestyle trailblazer — created a shortlist of the best TikTok trends to keep an eye on, at the moment. Head on to and to learn more about these new smartphones.

Dating in your…

Many millennials would be familiar with the song It’s The Hard-Knock Life from the musical Annie. But some Gen Zs would know it as mood music from a popular TikTok challenge. The Dating In Your 20s/30s/40s TikTok trend binds common dating woes based on age groups. And with so many people saying “can relate” every time, the hashtag now has over 100 million views and counting.

What’s living in your head rent-free?

Ah, a popular question on the Internet. Now, it’s a trend that pops on everyone’s Discover page. This one has users sharing videos, photos, and events relevant in pop culture that they couldn’t keep off their heads.


Also known as #TheTellMeChallenge, this trend is a game in which users share meaty personal details or opinions without actually divulging specific information. It’s fun because you see people get creative with the way they share something about themselves.


More than just plain fun, TikTok is also a platform in which one can find a great deal of educational content. This can span grammar lessons, adulting tips, math equations, and so much more. With this, many audiences from different age groups go to TikTok to find instructive videos, atop fun ones.


It’s a lot of people’s dream to be on a cover of a magazine. With a new readily available frame on TikTok, they can pose like a pro just like vivo’s Master of Candid Selfies Marvin Fojas! 


Popularized by vivo and its brand ambassador Maine Mendoza, #TheNewPortraitMaster trend houses videos that talk about the amazing photography features of the new vivo V21 series. This ultra-sleek selfie flagship phone comes in various kaleidoscopic colors that fit the fun and trendy lifestyles of people today.

Adding to its popping looks are its astounding camera features. With a 44MP lens and Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) for the front camera, and a 64MP for the rear camera, users can be sure that they can only create the best photos and videos worthy of sharing, every time.

Flash, flash, flash photography. Master the art of fierce selfies with vivo’s brand ambassador, Chie Filomeno.

Here’s a mirror selfie tip from vivo’s Master of Fierce Selfies, Chie Filomeno.

Comes with extended RAM — because memory is important

Aside from its stunning camera features, the vivo V21 series also has an 8GB + 3GB Extended RAM. This means that the phone can access data and programs faster, enabling the user to switch between apps faster and at a smooth rate. Its processor also runs on the MediaTek Dimensity 800U 5G Processor. This platform prides itself on delivering an extraordinary gaming experience, so mobile gamers can own their arena in a matter of seconds. As if that’s not enough, the vivo V21 as well has a battery with a 4000mAh capacity and 33W FlashCharge feature. This assures users that they can always get through their day with a smartphone that’s just as efficient as them.

With the vivo V21 delivering all the best product features at its price of only P16,999 for the V21e and P23,999 for the V21 5G, users can browse through TikTok — or even shoot amazing content — in style.

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