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Perfect XTREME Appliances for every kind of mother for as low as ₱995!

Home appliances have always been the most popular gifts to mothers for special occasions especially Mother’s day. As a matter of fact, no mom will ever say no to another practical and useful appliance thus making it a perfect present anytime of the year. However, one of the struggles is choosing the kind of appliances that perfectly fits every kind of mothers. Luckily, XTREME Appliances, your local One-Stop Shop Appliances brand, has a wide range of products for every kind of mothers. 

With everyone working from home most of the time or the current homeschooling set up for kids, it is not a surprise that these new arrangements have been taking a toll on our parents, especially our mothers. From cleaning, cooking, or just creating a more comfortable household environment, choosing the right appliances would be beneficial and will save our mothers a lot of their time.

We’ve listed down home appliances that will surely fit every kind of mom.

Being a Single Mom is never an easy job. You need to be good at multitasking and create a routine to structure your busy mom schedule. An extra help from these helpful and multi-use appliances from XTREME is a perfect pair of hands for an independent mom!

● XTREME Cool Combo Washer & Dryer (₱44,995)

● 6.0L XTREME Home Dishwasher (₱15,995)

● 20L XTREME Home Full Touch Microwave Oven (₱3,995)

● 1.0L XTREME Home Multi-cooker (₱2,495)

These Modern Moms are often the kid’s bestest friend! Letting the child/children to try out something new regularly will lead them to live to their full potential. With these home gadgets, household chores will turn into mother-and-child bonding or quality time!

● 40L XTREME Home Blue Convection Oven (₱8,995)

● 3.5L XTREME Home Digital Air Fryer (₱2,995)

● 1.50L XTREME Home Blender (₱1,695)

● XTREME Home “The Silencer” Electric Fan (₱2,995)

Career Moms tend to be professional and trained in every kind of challenge and pressure. Usually, you will spot this kind of mom in a rush or managing the home and office work, at the same time! It’s not easy to leave work undone but these home devices are great tools for a fun and knowledgeable environment for you and for the kids!

● 50” XTREME Android TV (₱27,795)

● 1.0HP XTREME Cool Window Type Inverter Aircon (₱25,800)

● 50CM XTREME Home Gas Range (₱9,995)

● 6L XTREME Home Electric Pressure Cooker (₱3,895)

First-time moms need appliances that will give her comfort and convenience in her new journey. Learning to be a mom needs a huge adjustment physically, mentally and emotionally. Guidance and assistance from your loved ones will play a big role in this kind of major transition in your life. 

● 1.0HP XTREME Home Split Type Inverter Aircon (₱26,800)

● 1.8CU.FT XTREME Cool Personal Refrigerator (₱5,495)

● XTREME X-Series Bottom Load Water Dispenser (₱6,995)

● 1.7L XTREME Home Electric Kettle (₱995)

● 7kg Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine (₱9,995)   

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About XTREME Appliances

XTREME Appliances is a #OneStopShopAppliances brand that offers premium and affordable home, and commercial appliances that ranges from TV, Aircon, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Gas Range, and many more. XTREME Appliances is now available in 3,000 stores and business partners nationwide, including online stores like Lazada and Shopee.

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