Tuesday, May 18, 2021

51Talk unveils Maine Mendoza as its new brand ambassador


Today’s young professionals like to keep their options open by pursuing different endeavors that align with their interests. Through this constant exploration, it has become common for many Filipinos to become multifaceted as they take on many roles, even those that are beyond their professional careers.

Such is the case for many online English teachers at the NYSE-listed online English education platform 51Talk. Among its 30,000 plus active Filipino teachers, many of them are juggling other responsibilities when they’re not in the virtual classrooms. Whether it’s running their own business, pursuing graduate studies, having a regular day job, or even all of the above, a typical 51Talk teacher wears many hats in both his personal and professional life.

Recently, 51Talk has announced Maine Mendoza as its newest celebrity ambassador. Aside from being a reputable actress and TV personality, Maine is also a writer, singer, and entrepreneur, which makes her the perfect embodiment of 51Talk teachers.

“I’ve always led an active lifestyle. I have a lot of interests that I want to pursue so I incorporate them into my daily activities when I can,” Maine said. “Though I usually have a busy schedule, I allot time for them because they’ve become important aspects of my life.”

Stardom did not come easy for Maine. She worked hard to finish her studies and worked even harder when she entered the show business industry. All of her hard work eventually paid off, just like the online English teachers at 51Talk who are now able to make their dreams a reality after joining the platform.

“That’s why I’m thrilled to endorse 51Talk. Not only does it provide livelihood opportunities to thousands of Filipinos, especially now during the pandemic, but it also allows them to be the best versions of themselves,” added Maine.

Maine shares the same outlook with thousands of 51Talk teachers who are carving a name for themselves in their chosen endeavors. Refusing to compromise any of them, these online English teachers strictly prioritize their undertakings, even if it means having a full schedule. And just like Maine, the teachers’ go-getter mindset is what drives them to not just openly explore, but to thrive in whatever venture they take on.

Maine Mendoza - 51Talk

“This is the advantage of 51Talk’s flexible teach-at-home setup. It enables the teachers on the platform to make time for their other life projects, too. Being an online English teacher at 51Talk is an ideal livelihood opportunity for those who are juggling multiple roles and want an adjustable schedule so they can properly attend to them” Maine added.

51Talk Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jack Huang expressed his excitement and shared his thoughts on the recent development. “We are delighted to announce Ms. Maine Mendoza as our latest Brand Ambassador and 51Talk Guest Teacher. Maine is a well-known Filipino actress and social media personality. The announcement instantly became one of the most tweeted topic in the Philippines which further strengthened our brand recognition. I look forward to continuing to execute our mission to deliver long term benefits to all stakeholders.”

Jennifer Que, 51Talk’s Country Head, believes 51Talk’s flexible schedule helps the teachers become more productive individuals.

“We take pride in knowing that our teachers find fulfillment in their virtual classroom and do not compromise their duties as online teachers even if they have other activities. This is why we are happy to welcome Maine into the family. Maine is bubbly, expressive, hard-working, professional, and has an entrepreneurial spirit. These are characteristics that embody the ideal 51Talk teacher,” Que said.

With the resurging COVID-19 cases and the new lockdown measures put in place, it has compromised once again the livelihood of Filipinos. In the new normal, home-based online livelihood and work-at-home setups continue to be the safest and most feasible sources of income, especially for those who are living in high-risk areas.

“At the start of 2021, we have seen an increase in applicants at 51Talk,” Que shared. “We expect this to go on as the demand for online English teachers continues to grow. This year, 51Talk aims to attract 40,000 home-based online English teachers which will allow more qualified Filipinos to enjoy and earn using our platform.”

Interested applicants may visit 51Talk’s website, 51Talk.ph, to sign-up.

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