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Defensive driving tips to survive Metro Manila roads

Most commuters know that driving in Metro Manila can be quite a challenge, especially when other drivers sometimes forget road safety rules or lack driving etiquette. So whether you’ve been driving for a while or are just starting to learn, it can be useful to know these defensive driving tactics suggested by AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance providers, to avoid road accidents and survive Manila traffic.

1. Be a defensive driver. Defensive driving means the motorist must be mindful and vigilant about threats on the road to avoid trouble. For example, assume that drivers will run through red lights or stop signs and be prepared to react. Plan movements anticipating the worst-case scenario. 

2. Use signal lights properly. Utilize car signals so other motorists know your next steps on the road. Failing to use them properly while making a sudden turn or changing lanes may lead to road accidents and altercations. Use the turn signal at least 50 meters before making a turn, switching lanes, or making a U-turn to give fellow motorists enough time to react to your next steps. Afterward, turn off the signal light so other drivers don’t get confused.  

3. Have an emergency contact. Road accidents can happen to anyone. Be sure to have an emergency contact to help you through any road altercation or collision. The Emma by AXA app, for example, offers access to 24/7 emergency services such as ambulance, fire, police, and roadside assistance to customers and non-customers alike for free. The app, which is available on the App or Google Play Store, also allows customers to monitor their policy online and conveniently access their funds, investments, transaction history, and AXA’s e-servicing features.

4. Make sure driver is covered by a motor vehicle insurance. Having car insurance is an important protection not only for the vehicle but also for the financial liability, medical expenses, and even legal cases in case of any road accidents. Without an auto insurance, drivers can potentially pay thousands in damages and injuries, so make sure your insurance is up to date! AXA Philippines offers Motor Online ( It’s so convenient, you can get a quote and buy your car insurance from the same website and within all of a few minutes! No need to leave the house to renew your insurance.

5. Maintain safe distance from other cars. Motorists must always have the “better safe than sorry” mindset. To minimize injuries in case of accidents, drivers should maintain safe distance from other cars. The rule of thumb is that drivers must at least stay at least two seconds behind any vehicle to give them safe trailing distance at any speed.  Also wear seatbelts all the time—even on short drives. Children aged 12 years old and under also shouldn’t sit in the front seat as they can be seriously harmed by the airbags.

6. Adhere to traffic rules at all times. It’s important for drivers and car owners to know the traffic rules and adhere to them. This includes following the number coding schemes, staying in your lane and staying under the speed limit to lessen the risk of accidents and help lessen traffic congestion. Ideally, cars should be running at least 40 to 50 km/hr along boulevards and avenues and 20 to 30 km/hr for crowded cities.  

Avoid car accidents by following these tips suggested by AXA Philippines. To know more, visit and follow AXA on Facebook ( and Instagram (

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