Sunday, July 12, 2020

Sharpen your night photography skills with vivo V19 Neo

Millennials have learned to make the most out of the “new normal” by exploring different passions, even after hours. Some have learned how to cook, or make their own music. Others have even gotten into night photography. And with smartphones such as the vivo V19 Neo, which boasts of super night mode and super night selfie features, along with a camera array, this passion for igniting the night has become even more possible. 

While some may find practicing night photography at home difficult due to a lack of subjects to capture, the truth is, there are plenty of everyday objects in and around the house that one can use to practice, and maybe even master, night photography. Here are some examples:

A dark background can easily pin the spotlight on colorful items. Pair the background that is the darkness of night with your vibrant homemade creations as a foreground and you’ll undoubtedly produce a stunning food portrait akin to those shot for five-star restaurants.

We all have collections displayed or even hidden in our homes. Dust off those figurines, action figures, and trinkets and allow them to shine under the night sky. With the V19 Neo’s 48MP AI Quad Camera that has 2MP macro and bokeh lens, all eyes will be on your prized collections as they dazzle in front of a faint, blurred, and dark background.

For a livelier subject that will surely draw “AWWWs” from your online audience, invite your pet to be a personal model and capture them as they glimmer underneath the moonlight.  

The night sky
Not into using a lot of props and objects? You could always direct your lens to a pre-existing masterpiece in the night sky. With the vivo V19 Neo’s super night mode with advanced noise reduction, you can practice your astrophotography skills and bag that perfect picture of the Milky Way. To make your portraits even more interesting, try searching for upcoming meteor showers this year and time your shoots accordingly.

City skyline
For those living in high-rise condominiums and apartments, a skyline illuminated by buildings and cars traversing through the city would be a wonderful image to shoot. Just make sure you get to capture the entire skyline by using the vivo V19 Neo’s ultra-wide mode, made possible through its 8MP wide angle lens. 

Shooting a row of streetlights is a great way to practice toying with settings such as ISO, Aperture, and shutter speed.

The grass, the trees, and the small plants near your home can also be perfect stars in your nighttime photo shoots. Use trees as a striking foreground for the night sky or drizzle some water on grass and leaves to capture the majestic glow as they glisten.

Perhaps the most interesting subject on the list, make sure to capture the person behind the scenes by using the vivo V19 Neo’s 32MP selfie camera. With the front camera’s super night selfie mode, you need not worry about looking your best self even under dim lighting.

So what are you waiting for? Sharpen your night photography skills with the all new vivo V19 Neo, available through or

About vivo
vivo is a leading global technology company that is product-driven with core businesses including smart terminals and intelligent services. vivo is committed to connecting users to the digital world by designing exciting and trendsetting smart mobile products and services which integrate technology and fashion in unique and creative ways. Adhering to its core values, which include "Benfen”, “innovation” and “consumer orientation”, vivo has implemented a sustainable development strategy to achieve its vision of becoming a leading, long-lasting, world-class enterprise.

vivo’s headquarters is located in Dongguan, China, with 9 R&D centers in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo and San Diego. These centers focus on the development of cutting-edge consumer technologies including 5G, artificial intelligence, photography, design and other emerging fields. vivo has also set up five production hubs across China, South Asia and Southeast Asia, which manufacture over 200 million smartphones every year. As of 2019, vivo has developed its sales network across more than 30 countries and regions, attracting more than 300 million active users worldwide.

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