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Five Ways to Wisely Spend your 13th Month Pay

It’s that time of the year again where people get their bonuses and go all-out with their purchases. While this might be the perfect time to tick off items from your wish list, it's also important to prioritize your spending on those purchases which can benefit you in the long run. We list down below recommendations on how to spend your 13th-month pay wisely:

  1. Buy stocks
Getting into investments can seem intimidating at first. But with the vast information that can be easily accessed online, it’s easier to be financially literate in the Philippines. Check out some books and YouTube videos on how to properly strategize and choose the right stocks and investments based on your financial goal. This can pay off in the long run as long as you make smart decisions on where your money goes.
  1. Start an emergency fund
Having a separate emergency fund is a necessity in order to be prepared when the time comes for unexpected expenses such as medical bills, house, and auto repairs. At a minimum, one should have three months worth of living expenses in your emergency fund. There are also online emergency fund calculators to help you decide on how to do this. Make sure to create a separate bank account for this to properly manage your accounts. Saving up for an emergency fund and knowing that one is all set can give a person a sense of security that can allow an individual to live a more peaceful life.
  1. Pay off debt
Adulting also entails being responsible for liabilities. In order to start the year completely fresh, pay off the debt you’ve accumulated throughout the year! This makes way for a clean slate and a restart on how you purchase and prioritize expenses for 2020.
  1. Upgrade your home appliance
Keeping the household intact is always a priority. Home appliances play a big role in the household and should serve their purpose in both function and design. If it seems like home appliances are showing signs that they are about to break down such as discoloration, making weird noises and not doing its job efficiently, then replace them before they bring inconvenience to the household. With the different innovations out in the market, it’s important to choose the appliance that will serve one’s family’s needs. Also, watch out for sales and promos during the season that can save you money to spend on other necessities.
Samsung DV90 Heatpump Dryer stacked with Samsung Front Load Washer
Samsung DV90 Heatpump Dryer that has Heatpump and Optimal Dry technology to dry clothes efficiently. This is perfect for big households who need to save time and electric consumption when drying clothes. Get this for as low as PHP 3,895 for 12 months installment. This also comes with a free stacking kit to save space around your household! (see below)
Samsung Front Load Washer 7.5 kg is equipped with Eco Bubble Technology that turns detergent into powerful bubbles to easily remove dirt. One can also add forgotten laundry at any cycle using the Add Wash function. Get this for as low as PHP 31,995 that comes with PHP 1,000 Bayad Center e-Coupon. This also comes with a payment option of 12 months installment of PHP 3,000/month.

Samsung RS54 Refrigerator offers an All-around cooling and Power Freeze function that rapidly and evenly cools every corner of the fridge, ensuring food is always fresh. It also uses Digital Inverter Technology that consumes less energy than conventional refrigerators. Get this for as low as PHP 49,796 that comes with PHP 1,000 Bayad Center e-Coupon. This also comes with a payment option of 12 months installment of PHP 4,650/month.
Samsung Smart Oven 35-liter functions as a convection oven and a microwave that can be used for baking, grilling, slim frying, defrosting, steaming and even making yogurt, making it the perfect cooking appliance. Get this for PHP23,995 that comes with PHP1,000 Bayad Center e-Coupon and a payment option of 12 months installment of PHP2,250/month.

Basic Inverter Wind-Free Air Conditioner with 21,000 Micro Holes that cools the room evenly with no harsh air. Get this for PHP 33,535 that comes with PHP 500 Bayad Center e-Coupon and a payment option of 12 months installment of PHP3,120/month.
  1. Classes and courses
If taking a short course has been on the list for so long, then this can definitely be a good time to take it. Adding skills and knowledge can definitely pay off in the long run. If you worry about not being able to attend classes regularly, consider checking out online courses such as,, and These websites offer thousands of courses from crafts, science and business, and can be taken on one’s own time. Don’t be afraid to spend on things that can benefit you as self-investment.
Splurging on items that can be smart investments is something that people shouldn’t feel bad about. With Samsung Digital Appliance’s Merrier Christmas Gifts, one can enjoy discounts up to 25% off and Bayad Center eCoupons to use to pay for household bills.

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