Monday, April 9, 2018

Create Your Ultimate Gaming Experience with The SAMSUNG 49″ QLED Curved Gaming Monitor

Video games are constantly evolving. From vintage arcade games and 16-bit consoles to handheld devices and augmented reality, the continuous challenge seems to be finding ways to make the experience more immersive.

Monitors are a big part in this. Most models today—with their inconsistent brightness, slow response, and compact screens—can no longer keep up with the development, but Samsung has gamers covered. The tech giant is launching the Samsung 49″ QLED Curved Gaming Monitor, the largest of its kind.

“Gamers love vivid and immersive adventures, whether they’re exploring magical worlds or fighting in an all-out war,” says Angelo Mendoza, Samsung Philippines’ Display Solutions Product Manager. “The Curved Gaming Monitor is the gateway to the heart of exciting action, providing intense gameplay that engages the senses and broadens horizons.”

World’s largest ultra-wide SAMSUNG 49″ QLED Curved Gaming Monitor delivers exceptional visuals and immersive gameplay

Equipped with a 49-inch super ultra-wide 32:9 curved screen that fills a gamer’s field of view, it allows players to see scenes the way the developer intends them to be seen. Its stunning 1800R curved panel delivers a wrap-around feeling when playing, giving you the feel of being planted in the gaming terrain.

Samsung’s QLED technology enhances the Curved Gaming Monitor, arming it with the new Metal Quantum dot. This provides traditional dots with a metal core to make the color on screen more stable. Games will appear more realistic as it delivers a spectrum of accurate hues and tones.

There would be no need to constantly adjust the brightness to see the deepest shadows and silhouettes of the game as the Curved Gaming Monitor supports High Dynamic Range (HDR). It also supports Radeon FreeSync™ 2 technology that provides low latency while supporting high-brightness pixels, excellent black levels, and a wide color gamut for smooth gameplay and advanced pixel quality.

Its vertical alignment (VA) panel is built for speed with a super-fast 1ms motion picture response time and 144Hz screen refresh rate versus a conventional monitor’s 60Hz. This allows the screen to keep up with rapid movement and give a crucial split-second advantage to the player. You can now spot your enemies faster as it provides a quicker transition of image.

Take multitasking to the next level with the Easy Setting Box, which lets you split your screen into multiple displays of different sizes. You can watch a gameplay tutorial in one half of the screen while playing it out on the other one, thereby maximizing the massive screen real estate.

Enjoy all of these features and play all you want with the eye-saver mode that helps reduce eye strain. It also cuts down on penetrative blue light, providing you with greater visual comfort.

“Our newest QLED monitor redefines the future of casual and competitive gaming, providing most stunning visuals and realistic content,” says Mendoza. “Our latest product solidifies our commitment to refine and introduce more game-changing innovations to meet the needs of players, developers, and partners in the coming years.”

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