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The Bellevue Manila: Make Your Wedding Perfect

Your wedding day is the beginning of the rest of your life. Your happily ever after starts with an unforgettable celebration surrounded by those dearest to you. That’s why your wedding has to be perfect, not just for you and your life partner, but for those you’ve invited as well. Because from that moment on, a new family is formed – and everyone present in the wedding is part of it. To make that once-in-a-lifetime milestone enduringly special, here are some insights that can help you.

Who you invite matters. Who you invite to your wedding doesn’t just affect the cost of the event, it also affects the quality of the experience too. While money may not be a limitation for some couples, hence their choice to invite as many as they want, going overboard on the guest list may dilute the experience. The opposite is also true for those who chose to invite only a few, as they lose the opportunity to bond and reconnect with those close to their heart. When choosing guests, remember to only invite people that you and your partner love, and the people that you want to form deep bonds with moving forward.

Set the date and venue early – and inform your guests asap. Pick a venue that is both beautiful and accessible to everyone. And choose a date and time that can best match your guest’s schedules. A good way to facilitate this is by sending out a simple survey to your guests asking them to pick out the most convenient schedule for them. Once the venue, date, and time are all set, make sure to inform everyone immediately so they can block-off their schedules. Your formal wedding invite can be sent afterwards.

Plan bonding moments. Don’t limit your wedding reception activities to the usual speeches, eating, and having fun on the dance floor. Encourage guests to mingle with each other, or better yet, think of simple games where they can bond and get to know each other. You can even encourage this by intentionally seating guests with others they don’t know. This way, you can be sure that your newly formed family community is comfortable together. And lastly, always set aside time to visit each table to thank the guests who came.

Have your wedding day tell a deeper story about you and your partner. Every element, every aspect of your wedding day celebration can bear meaning. The food you serve can be novel, delicious takes on your favorite dishes. The venue design can be a recreation of your fondest memories. The style you and your entourage wears can reflect your fashion favorites. With every part of your wedding telling a story, your guests will gain even deeper insights about you and your partner.

To help couples plan and prepare for a perfect wedding celebration, The Bellevue Manila will hold a special one day bridal fair and fashion show on the 24th of June 2017. Couples can look forward to engaging talks from experts to have an in-depth look on the different areas of wedding preparation. They can also explore the booths and exhibits by the best wedding services suppliers and partners south of Metro Manila. Lucky guests can also take part in an invitation-only fashion show featuring 25 wedding gowns designed by Pat Santos. Guests can also win vouchers worth up to P100,000 which can be used to avail of Pat Santos’ gowns. Other perks awaiting guests include a P15,000 discount in The Bellevue Manila’s Classic Wedding Package.

By joining The Bellevue Manila’s bridal fair and taking to heart the insights shared here, you and your partner can surely have a perfect wedding celebration. To know more about The Bellevue Manila or explore their wedding packages, simply visit

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