Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Making Every Day Father’s Day With Hanabishi

Dads deserve a pat on the back for serving as their family breadwinners. After all, working hard all day long and ensuring that every family member’s needs are attended to is no simple feat.
But dads deserve to rest and spend quality time with their families, too. And the country’s most trustworthy home appliance manufacturer, Hanabishi, seeks to be the practical Filipino father’s partner in making celebrations like Father’s Day merrier and longer-lasting for the whole family. Through Hanabishi practical appliances, dads can better achieve work-life balance, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and even have more family time.

Fatherhood often requires a certain energy level fit for work and play. After all, some of the magical moments of fatherhood involve playing with one’s son and reading one’s daughter to sleep.
Dads can encourage their sons to be more competitive through interactive games on the Hanabishi LED TV. Hanabishi LED TVs come in 20 to 50-inch models and feature an audio equalizer, which takes kids’ home entertainment experience to a whole new level.
Dads could tuck their daughters more easily into bed after playing their favorite Disney classics on Hanabishi’s high definition 1366×768-pixel and full-HD 1920×1080-pixel TVs. Their daughters will definitely grin ear to ear after seeing beloved Disney characters in enhanced colors. And thanks to the TVs’ HDMI and USB ports, dads can easily plug in their USBs and HDMI cables and instantly play Disney movies on the screen.
Dads can easily make the home a more comfortable place to live in, thanks to Hanabishi’s cost-effective air cooling solutions, which feature speed, power, versatility and efficiency. Hanabishi air cooling solutions help stablize and regulate home temperature and make the home a safe haven from sporadic weather changes.
Hanabishi’s window-type air conditioner is designed with practical features, multiple modes, including fan and cool, and different cooling intensities. Its adjustable vents allow the easy redirection of air around the room, so kids can sleep more soundly at night.
Meanwhile, Hanabishi’s split-type air conditioner has an ionizer that cleans the air and helps maintain skin health. It is likewise equipped with a 3D airflow that allows for a 4-way deflection system, an auto-restart, an easy-to-clean filter, a microprocessor control, a rotary compressor and a 24-hour ON/OFF timer, to keep rooms cool, especially during the summer season.
It is important for households to have air cooling solutions that will save them from scorching heat and humid weather conditions. Present in almost every Filipino home, air conditioners are surely one of the best investments fathers could make.
Dads may not be able to be with their families 24/7 because of their multiple responsibilities. But they can definitely show their love better by giving only the best to the most important people in their lives. And they can never go wrong by investing in Hanabishi appliances, which make the home a better place for their children.
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