Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017: Another Bright Year Of Smart Technology From LG Electronics

The global tech community gathered at Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Now on its 50th year, the event gives the world a preview of the latest mobile, home, and lifestyle technology they can expect from industry titans and brilliant start-ups.
LG Electronics, a global innovation leader, has always been a top attraction at CES, thanks to the numerous groundbreaking technology unveiled in the event. This year, LG’s products rounded more than 90 CES awards and honors, 21 of which are CES Innovation Awards from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA™) across home appliance, home entertainment, and mobile communications categories.

LG’s inimitable OLED TV technology, which delivers the blackest blacks and most vibrant colors in the thinnest screen possible, was a resounding success at CES 2016. LG OLED TV was hailed as the Best TV Product in the entire exhibition, wowing tech journalists and visitors from the world over with its superior picture quality and the simple yet sophisticated solution to problems encountered with other display technologies.
This 2017, all eyes are once again at LG Electronics as the tech community waits what the company has in store for the world. Inspired by LG OLED TVs unveiled last year, more and more manufacturers are joining the race to 4K displays to deliver a wealth of visual detail a key trend launched and perfected by LG.
Aside from the unparalleled OLED technology, LG Electronics is also leading the pack with trendsetting innovations for smarter homes and user-centric smartphones.
The Internet of Things (IoT) a system of interconnected technologies designed to complement modern life has consistently been hyped in tech events of the past years, but remained to be an elusive reality for many consumers all over the world.

LG is looking to expand the reach of its SmarThinQ Hub now compatible with Amazon’s Alexa system to deliver optimized solutions for the smart home of the future. Through a wide range of home appliances powered by LG SmarThinQ such as the Smart InstaView Refrigerator and SmarThinQ Washing Machine, the tech titan brings concrete results and true convenience to consumers.
With the help of tech experts, engineers, and visionaries, LG Electronics is continuously developing new ways to transcend trends to make the smart home technology serve a higher purpose: to complement and amplify life’s best moments.
Smartphones have become the hub of a tech-driven lifestyle for many individuals, regardless of age, gender, and profession. Mobile manufacturers and software giants are constantly trying to top each other’s latest design features, to the benefit of consumers with new demands on their tech workhorses.
However, durability and safety of mobile devices have been a major concern for 2016, which makes industry observers believe that waterproof and crack-resistant materials will be one of the biggest tech trends for 2017.
As early as October 2016, LG unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the V20, which is made of premium aircraft-grade and military-grade materials. This is to guarantee extended use for consumers of all stripes, no matter where they are and what they do. The V20 passed drop tests that conform to US Military standards, proving that this tough smartphone can truly survive extreme conditions and of course the small mishaps users experience every day.
With the V20, LG is moving toward a direction where smartphones can be enjoyed as complete devices on their own, without being encumbered by cases, screen protectors, and unnecessary accessories.
2017 is shaping to be another exciting year of smart technology from LG and the CES was just the opening salvo.
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