Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Say ‘Merry Christmas’ With Goldilocks

Goldilock's Fruit Cake
There are many ways to give someone a very merry Christmas, and a good lot of them may involve some Goldilocks Christmas delights.
Start off the celebrations with the Goldilocks Christmas Greeting Cake, complete with a sugary Christmas train with Santa at the helm! Perfect for your office Christmas parties or any other pot-luck get-togethers.
For your Noche Buena feast, make the Chunky Choco Cake the centerpiece.Cap your Christmas dinner with this delicious rocky road cake bursting with marshmallows, chocolate chips and cashew nuts, made even special with a choco mousse filling!

Goldilocks' Choco Lollipops
As for your nephews and nieces, give them the sweetest Aguinaldo Goldilocks’ Choco Lollipops. It’s available in different Christmas designs for that extra festive feel and, of course, can satisfy every kid’s sweet tooth.
Finally, if you need last minute Kris Kringle gifts, why not get a box of brownies? Goldilocks’ brownies come in a box of 6 brownie varieties: Butterscotch, Brownie with Mallows, Marble, Brownie with Rice Crispies and Raisins, Hazelnut Brownie with Tiramisu, and Triple Chocolate Brownie flavors! You can even get a box just for yourself. And hey, if you can’t think of anything else to give this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a box of delicious Fruit Cake from Goldilocks!
What are you waiting for? These Christmas delights from Goldilocks are only available until January 3, so visit your nearest Golidlocks Bakeshop to sweeten your Holidays.
For more information, visit the Goldilocks website at
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