Wednesday, April 15, 2015

PHILIPPINES, get ready to discover a NEW way of interning with INKOMPASS!

INKOMPASS, an internship initiative by Philip Morris International, a Fortune 100 company with successful business operations in more than 180 countries around the world, now makes its way to the Philippines.

The INKOMPASS program has a globally expanding footprint with presence in 11 countries and plans to launch in 4 more within 2015. It is different because this internship program is composed of two cycles and is crafted to make it easier for students to jumpstart their careers.

Building real world skills, working on live business projects and interacting with some of the best minds from the company’s international team are only a few of the things which set INKOMPASS apart from the rest.

International Exposure

The INKOMPASS first cycle sees the interns participating in local business projects with a potential for best performers to work on regional projects in their second cycle. What this translates into is cross country collaboration, brilliant networking opportunities and a chance to experience internationalism…first hand!

Personalized Development

Another integral part of the program is to equip bright, energetic and curious college sophomores with skills that can help them succeed in life. This is done by assigning a project coach to every intern.

“We believe every intern is unique—it is their experiences which will allow them to understand their development areas while discovering their strengths.” says Jaya Venugopal, Director Talent Acquisition Brand Building “this is why quality feedback and coaching are a critical part of the INKOMPASS program. It is also something we believe is mandatory in building portable skills. When I say portable skills, I mean skills that an intern can take with him or her throughout their career.”

A Program that Understands You

INKOMPASS understands, at this early stage it’s difficult for students identify what they like doing and what they do not. This is why the INKOMPASS program is structured in a manner that will provide interns with cross functional exposure. In this way they can explore different kinds of opportunities each function has to offer, the various challenges each division faces and then discover their true North.

A Continuing Relationship

INKOMPASS believes that learning is a continuous process and therefore likes to maintain its relationship with its interns even after they’ve completed the program.

“There’s a very strong connection that we keep with the interns because we believe when they go back to school, their journey of self-discovery continues,” explains Ms. Venugopal. “They now have the opportunity to keep in touch with us and us with them. It’s mutual learning. They can count and trust us for help, for inputs when they are doing their university projects and we can learn a lot from their creativity and passion.”

Currently, INKOMPASS is open to residents of the Philippines who are in their second year of undergraduate study. To apply, interested students can visit!  

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