Thursday, April 30, 2015

Isabel Lucas: Bikini-clad femme fatale in “CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR”

Isabel Lucas, best known for her debut feature roles in the Australian television series “Home and Away” and in the blockbuster action movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” continues to emerge as one of Hollywood’s up and coming leading actresses as she equally stars with music pop star Nick Jonas in the thrilling and edgy thriller “Careful What You Wish For.”

In the film, Lucas stars as Lena Harper, a sultry gorgeous married woman who caught the attention and passion of Doug, a high school student who gets into a serious web of lies when he starts having a torrid affair with Lena.   Married to a wealthy investment banker, played by Dermot Mulroney who plays Elliot Harper, Lena and husband moved in to a town next door to Doug’s family vacation house at Lake Lure where the two lovers met.  Doug and Lena secretly hook up when her husband is out of town, eventually, Doug discovers shocking domestic issues as their affair continues.  Keeping his affair from his family and best friend, Doug suddenly finds himself trapped at Lena’s side when Elliot is found dead in the couple’s home.  Upon further investigation, it seems that everyone has become a suspect, with all evidence leading to Doug as the prime suspect.  

“It’s definitely a different role than anything I’ve ever done before, one of those things I really wanted to challenge myself,” Nick said of the “intense” movie.  When asked if he got nervous in his naked intimate scenes with Lucas, “It doesn’t make me nervous, I think it’s important for me to take steps and continue to grow as an actor and push myself in this way. I think, for the audience, they have to be prepared to come see a movie that’s pretty intense.” He continued, “The whole movie is not sex. It’s a part of the movie. The story overall is an exciting one, and one I think people will be taken by.” 

Likewise, Lucas said in recent interviews about her role, shared what it’s like filming those sexy scenes. "Sometimes you just have to jump straight into it. The more that I can shed my own personal thoughts, fears, ego, so forth, the better.   When you're heading into uncomfortable territory, too much overthinking can just make it worse.”

Further, she says that she has a lot of respect for her co-star Nick Jonas, "I really felt like he blossomed and grew as an artist - because he is younger, and being in this movie was sort of bigger shoes for him to fill in some ways. It was really incredible what he brought to this role. He was able to be spontaneous and take so many risks.”

Director Allen Rosenbaum, who directed teen hits such as “Aquamarine” and “Ramona and Beezus” as well as addicting television series “90210,” “Gossip Girl” and “vampire Diaries” describes Lucas’ role as fragile yet more dangerous than she appears. “I look forward to bringing the fascinating characters to life in this provocative and sexy coming of age thriller," said Allen in a statement. "The lead character of Lena is a uniquely complex femme fatale -- a compelling archetype that hasn't been brought to the screen in some time and is due a revival.  I am thrilled to be collaborating with the talented Isabel Lucas on this project and am excited by the depth and mystery she will infuse into the film."

“Careful What You Wish For” opens May 6 in cinemas nationwide from Axinite Digicinema.

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