Thursday, October 9, 2014

Imperfect is the New Perfect

By definition, fashion has always been about following rules.

Fashion abides by a certain theme, typically attributed to a particular decade, strictly adhering to a general set of guidelines on what, how and when each new trend should be worn.

Within those standards, Parisian style—as embodied by French shoe brand, Bensimon—stands as a testament for fashion imperfection. Through every decade, the brand has bent the rules and strayed from fashion laws—yet somehow, it has stood the test of time.

It’s a reflection of the city’s je ne sais quoi—an inherent quality that defines everything about their culture; evident in their classic architecture, creative cuisine, diversity in art, exceptional way of life and most especially, covetable style.

A perfectly imperfect pair, every time

Designers Serge and Yves Bensimon, whose heritage is strongly anchored on this world renowned French aesthetic understands this; and it became the inspiration for the creation of a brand that grew to become an iconic symbol of style.

Nearly half a century ago, the brothers recognized the need for a pair of shoes that would reflect the stylish sensibilities of Parisians—one that would mirror the color, elegance and joy of living onto the feet of its wearers. With that in mind, Bensimon sneakers were born. It had the classic rubber sole of casual sneakers, but designed in such a way that it was more versatile and elegant, allowing it to keep up, not just with the Parisian way of life, but their inherent style as well.

It’s a fashion statement that focuses on versatility—celebrating individual style personalities than can go from trendy, if you so wish, to classic elegance. The idea is to highlight how a single piece in your outfit can make a definitive statement about your sartorial sensibilities, focusing on not only on comfort but on the idea that real, lasting style doesn’t have to try too hard; it’s carefree and relaxed yet still timeless, much like the city where it hails from.

“The idea that a pair of shoes can embody chic practicality by virtue of the quality and craftsmanship that Bensimon sneakers are known for is an attractive draw for anyone who understands that style is a reflection of who you are and your lifestyle. It’s the reason that we eagerly introduced the concept of being perfectly imperfect in terms of style in the country,” shares Jheric Delos Angeles, Bensimon’s Assistant Marketing Manager.

Each pair, and note that no two are made exactly alike, can cross the line between formal and informal, casual and luxe—and Bensimon’s seemingly inherent ability to do so has become renowned. It has become a staple for Parisian sartorialists who understand that style is about finding the confidence to make it your own, no matter how imperfect it may be.

Its versatility is actually the best way to express yourself, to showcase what’s different about your fashion sense, to highlight your personality and to bring focus to your distinct eye for what works and what doesn’t. After all, through the years of fashion evolution, the world has finally arrived at a point where trends have taken a backseat to make room for lasting style.

Maybe it’s a way of standing up to the fads that come and go decade after decade. Or it could be a simple acknowledgement of the reality that style has to answer to the functional as well as fashionable inclinations of its wearer. Either way, it’s a welcome shift from the precision that fashion always seemed to strive for—but one that looks like is here to stay. 

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