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Ryan Kwanten in "The Right Kind of Wrong" from Axinite Digicinema‏

One of television’s hottest rising talents Ryan Kwanten, who stars alongside Anna Paquin in HBO’s hit series “True Blood” brings his electrifying charisma on the big screen as he stars in one of the most anticipated romantic movies to open in 2014 – “The Right Kind of Wrong.”
Based on the novel by Tim Sandlin, “The Right Kind of Wrong” is a romantic comedy about a failed-writer-turned-dishwasher and fearless dreamer who risks everything to show the girl of his dreams all that is right with the wrong kind of guy.
“The theme of “The Right Kind of Wrong” is that in love, there are no boundaries and there are no obstacles. It’s a fantasy that is fun to subscribe to from time to time and if you do, you’ll root for Leo and feel romantically transported to where you can believe what Leo, our hero, says, which is that nothing is impossible,” said producer Robert Lantos.

Screenwriter Megan Martin was determined that Leo be someone "who refuses to make the subtle adjustments that could help him move forward in life. Leo can be prickly, he can over-react to the conventional. I'm attracted to people like this. They can drive you nuts, they can say the wrong thing, but they make life so interesting."  The other quality crucial for Martin was "that Leo not be pretentious. In fact, he's the opposite. Leo does not care about his reputation. He is guided by impulse and gives over to his pursuits wholeheartedly. There is an honesty in Leo we can all aspire to."

To survive, he is a dishwasher in Mount Yalo, an upscale resort town. “He takes dishwashing seriously. He’s a zen dishwasher - when he washes dishes, he’s fully in the moment. People come from other restaurants to watch him wash dishes because he turns it into a performance like Tom Cruise did in Cocktail. He has no embarrassment of any kind,” observed Lantos.

“Leo is bold, he's brash, brazen and brilliant. He's a rolling stone that gathers no moss. He sees the world through boundless eyes, utterly convinced that if he stays true to his convictions, no matter what, he will succeed,” says actor Ryan Kwanten who was plucked out of the Deep South of “True Blood” and transported to the majestic Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada to play this role.

Producer Robert Lantos, also has a certain affinity for the notion of challenging adversity and the theme crops up in many of his films, dating back to his first feature in 1978, “In Praise of Older Women,” which was the quest for a new world and the elusive love of an older woman. “I’m inspired by stories about overcoming the impossible.  This may have something to do with my own history or perhaps just my flights of fancy. I don’t set out to make movies on this theme, but somehow it seems that this is what they end up being about.”

In “The Right Kind of Wrong,” a romantic comedy, or perhaps a comedy about the madness of romance, based on a script by Megan Martin adapted from the novel by Tim Sandlin, Lantos was won over by the whimsical audacity of the central character’s refusal to concede to defeat. “Leo doesn't have a chip on his shoulder about the fact that he's washing dishes for a living even though he is a writer. I think if you do believe the impossible exists, then you make your own wishes come true and things become possible.”

Can “The Right Kind of Wrong” make you fall in love? Find out when it opens in theaters from Axinite Digicinema, Inc.

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