Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Shopping List for Everyone on Your Christmas List

Got everyone their Christmas gift yet?  If not then don't panic!  Here are some suggestions for you to consider, you might just end up getting that perfect gift for you special someone.

It’s once again the season of giving! No other time in the year do people spend more time (and money!) carefully thinking and purchasing gifts for the ones they love. And while it is fun to receive gifts, a lot of people would agree in saying that this season was really meant for “giving” rather than “receiving.” So for those of you who wish to give the best, here are a few gift ideas to get you started.

For The Perfect Couple

Couples are one of the trickiest people to give gifts to. Do we give them food? Do we give them something for the house or something they can use together? Solve the couple dilemma by giving them something that symbolizes their “couplehood” and yet something they can use even when they’re apart.

The Retro Sneaker Collection from Crocs would definitely be a winner among your couple friends. With enthusiastic colors, couples would not only enjoy dressing alike, but also enjoy the comfort that Crocs has long been known for. The Retro Sneaker Collection is perfect for getaways or even casual dinners during weekends. It is available at P4800 at all Crocs Concept Stores.

For The Boys in Your Life

Give the boys in your life something to get excited about this Christmas by giving them the latest in men’s athletic footwear from the country’s number one sports retailer, Toby’s Sports.

Give them a chance to live the dream with the latest from Nike: The Lebron XI, Jordan Superfly 2, the KD 6, and the Kobe 8. The men in your life would definitely appreciate being in a basketball superstar’s shoes, even just for a day.

For Mom, Ate, and Our Favorite Aunt
Help the ladies you love take care of their skin with Nivea. Your mom would definitely enjoy staying young with Nivea’s Deep Cleansing Mud Foam. Eliminating dirt at its core, the Deep Cleansing Mud Foam is formulated to clear 10 make-up residues that gives anyone who uses it the much-coveted clear and bright skin.

Your beach-loving Ate would definitely enjoy Nivea’s UV Whitening Body Serum. The first of its kind in the Philippines, it promises to not just whiten skin, but to also repair sun damage and protect it from darkening. Now, your Ate can have fun in the sun without hiding from it.

Your Tita can now wow both in the boardroom and the lunch room with a fashionable pair of Butterfly Twists. Designed for the on-the-go woman, Butterfly Twists is the right mix of style and comfort that’s perfect for every working woman. Their Sienna Collection would definitely be a great complement for the power-dressing Filipina.

With all these choices, it will definitely be a happy Christmas, not just for everyone on your list, but for you as well. 

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