Sunday, July 14, 2013

The first ever Dolby Atmos theatre in the Philippines opens in Promenade, Greenhills

Hear the difference at the first 
Dolby Atmos theater in Southeast Asia
Huge Bencab mural unveiled at cinema lobby

It is indeed an event of many firsts, just last July 11, the country witnessed the unveiling of the first ever Dolby Atmos equipped theater in the Philippines, first ever in Southeast Asia, first ever to launch 3 Dolby Atmos equipped theater simultaneously and lastly a first ever metal mural of a big magnitude by our country's national artist for the visual arts of Benedicto Cabrera (Bencab).

Greenhills cinemas unveiled  the 3 cinemas, under Cinema 6, 7 and 8 at the New Promenade at the Greenhills Shopping Center.

So what is Dolby Atmos?  Dolby Atmos is the revolutionary sound technology that will surely capture your greatest imagination, the best in sound technology.  It features a speaker set-up like no other and let's your hear the whole picture.  Apart from the current Dolby Surround theater most are, Dolby Atmos installs overhead speakers, giving you the whole sound picture, very immersive as the scene covers from the left to right, the top speakers give you the feeling of complete surround sound, thus hearing the whole picture.

Another highlight of the night was the unveiling of the large sized mural fashioned from metal by Benedicto Cabrera (Bencab) entitled 8 movements.  Senators Grace Poe and JV Ejercito graced the event.

The elegant movie theater is a throwback from the old days of cinema, where movie theaters had pieces as well of murals and art pieces,  This is the reason why we brought the finest art in  to the theater to showcase what history has made for us.

Upcoming movies with Dolby Atmos include the much awaited Pacific Rim, future screenings include Percy Jackson: Sea of monsters, Turbo, The Wolverine, Elysium and more.  As movie lovers seek to find the cinematic experience like no other, Dolby Atmos provides and gives you that amazing sound to be in the picture.  Watch it in amazingly fabulous Dolby Atmos, hear the complete picture.

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