Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Absolute Flood of Love Website to Benefit Ita Community

Absolute Distilled Drinking Water has launched a website, Flood of Love, which aims to provide sustainable water source and water sanitation and hygiene systems to communities in need. Its first beneficiary is Bayan Bayanan ng Ita, a community of approximately 39 families who travel over an hour each day for clean water. Currently, their water sources are limited to two rivers and a shallow well. Absolute is currently in the planning stage with the community in installing a new water system, which will be managed and handled for the long term by the residents themselves.

Absolute is inviting everyone to take part to reach out and help make the world a cleaner, safer place, one step at a time, one community at a time. Simply visit www.floodoflove.org and share how you can make the world a cleaner, safer place. Absolute will match each pledge by donating of a glass of distilled water per pledge to deserving communities. In addition, the website is also accepting volunteers for various implementation programs.

Says Abe Cipriano, AVP, Asia Brewery “Everyone deserves sustainable access to clean and safe drinking water. We put the website up to show our commitment and to encourage everyone to do their part along with Absolute. With the coming rainy season, we are also prepared to help communities that may be affected by floods and other water-related damage. We hope everyone can join us in making the world a cleaner and safer place, one drop at a time.”

For more information, visit www.floodoflove.org, and like Absolute on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AbsoluteDistilledWater.
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