Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Croods - the one family animation movie you should not miss!

The Croods - Now showing!

Yes we have seen it all, from dinosaurs to mammoths and sloths, but nothing has prepared us for The Croods, the prehistoric family that may have shaped our present life.  Really!

The Croods, a prehistoric family that have survived through the ages by just being conservative now has to face the challenge of trekking to the new world and discover a life beyond their cave.

Got nothing to do the weekend?  Watch The Croods, a hilarious mix of good humour, great family fun,  a discovery of what makes us human.

RELEASE THE BABY!  A line I will always remember, haha it's like releasing the Kraken, but this is so much fun!  Nic Cage portrays the protective father to their family, while trying to protect and preserved his family in the harsh prehistoric world, her daughter (Emma Stone), fights to be free from the foothold of his father and in her curiousity met Guy (Ryan Reynolds), and discovers a whole new world of wonders.  See this fantastic animation flick from Dreamworks " The Croods " in 2D and 3D.

Non-stop laughter, and so much fun.  I feel the inner child in me growing once again.  Catch it at your favorite movie houses now showing nationwide.

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