Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Skyfall : See it in glorious IMAX

Skyfall : See it in glorious IMAX

The latest Bond movie hits theaters in the Philippines today Oct. 31, 2012.  Skyfall, the name of the town where James Bond started it all, and after suffering death has come back from the ashes to resurrect MI6 and once again bring justice to glorious England. 

I was one of the privileged few to have been part of the IMAX midnight screening at SM Mall of Asia, thus this poster with IMAX 12:01 time stamp on top.  As I was invited to be part of this, even though it was a midnight showing, I couldn't resist the temptation of watching this latest Bond installment and more it's in IMAX.  Now if you were the one invited, would you resist?

The movie's opening credits paired with Adele singing "Skyfall", which was quite the Bond theme song you would expect, classic, bold that makes a statement, it was perfect that they got Adele to sing it.  I don't want to expound too much with the storyline as it may spoil your fancy.  But all I can say this, you will be at the edge of your seats, with non-stop action scenes, funny and satirical moments and of course more action.

Daniel Craig may have proven to be the Bond, where Sean Connery have left off.  With more realistic scenes, more action sequences and one more thing, "M" in action.  After seeing this movie, you would agree with me when I say, Bond has definitely entered into a new era, a full line of Bond films which will maintain the legacy that Bond has been known for.

Get the best views, capture the most crisp of sounds only with watching Skyfall in IMAX.  Experience it at IMAX SM Mall of Asia.

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