Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Manila Life goes to Seoul, Korea - Day 1

Day 1

It was a fine afternoon and it was our trip to Seoul, South Korea.  We booked our tickets online when Cebu Pacific was having P1.00 promo.  I chanced upon it and did not bother thinking whether to go or not, because 1, I have not been to Seoul, South Korea and 2, the price was impossible to pass, really I got return tickets for 2 at an unbelievable price of P 2,834.00 yes, that is the price for 2 return tickets to Seoul.  If it were up to you, I think you would think the same.

Our flight was scheduled to leave at 1555, and yes we left on time.  Oh how glad I was about that.  Our expected arrival in Seoul was around 2045.  Flight time was about 3 1/2 hours, since Korea is ahead of us by 1 hour so the time looks to be 4 hours and more. but that was not the case.  The flight was almost perfect with not much turbulence, clear skies all the way.
We arrived on time at 2045, Incheon International Airport is big, yes very big.  As soon as we disembark the plane. We walk and followed the crowd down the escalator thinking this must be the way to immigration, but no, it was a shuttle train ride to the immigration and baggage claim area.  The trains arrived after around 5 mins. of waiting, and they were fast... wow was I thinking, this is great! So I guess we must be really far off since we need to ride the transport train to get to immigration and baggage claim.
Immigration was a breeze, then came the problem.  Our luggage still did not came through the conveyors, all the passengers were waiting, and what do you know it was already 2135.  It's almost an hour and we haven't  claimed our luggage yet.  I guess the luggages did travel far as we did.  But finally it came, and off we go to buy our airport bus tickets to our hotel, the price was 9,000 Won, and the bus no. to  reach our hotel is #6015 and it was very cheap and very efficient alternative than taking a taxi.  Travel time to our hotel in Myeong-Dong took around 1.5 hours.
Now, were finally here. It is already 2245 and it is late, but we were very hungry so we scout around for something to eat and we found one amongst the streets

But I'll have to continue this tom. as I am really tired and sleepy.  I also have something to say about the hotel that we are now staying in.  so tomorrow it is, Good night Seoul.


  1. I would love to go there soon! Hmmm... next promo mag-book din ako hehe

  2. i really like to go to korea also seeing the places in Korea novela's here makes me love the country.i wolud like to know if there is a visa going there? thanks a lot im always hopping on your blog also heheh...

  3. Thanks for this ! I will see Korea soon! Whoopee!



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