Monday, January 25, 2010

A slice of heaven on earth.... The Lighthouse - Subic

 Want a vacation? Want to take time off from your busy schedule? Go to the beach? Have quality time with the family..... there is such a place... up north where the beaches are pristine and the sights marvelous.... SUBIC.

There are some places in the Philippines that would leave an indelible mark on you..... one of which is The Lighthouse Resort Hotel in Subic.

From afar you will notice the majestic Lighthouse that is very visible whenever you are beach-side.  When you get closer to the resort, you will notice the exquisite architecture and the elegance you would see in 5-star hotels... and I haven't started on the lobby yet.  When you get to the entrance of the hotel, the doormen would greet you with a big smile, letting you feel that there is something great in-store.... feeling uplifted, you enter the lobby... and what a grand lobby it is... big couches, big decors, elegant and high ceilings, never thought that Subic can bring about such a wonderful hotel in our midst.

I would like to live here.... that was what I was thinking.... if the budget permits.... of course.  I want to come back here again and again..... no other place to stay in Subic but The Lighthouse Resort Hotel.

The check-in counter was flawless in assisting us, we were booked at a different hotel so we came to visit to know where we should be checking-in the next opportunity we come to Subic.  We were given a tour of the place, it started with the grand lobby, then to the rooms of the hotel, including the suites that has the open standing bath tub.... wow what a delight would love to try that, then we proceeded to the other rooms that were oh so elegantly crafted as well... then we proceeded to the dining area, it was definitely a lovely sight.. sumptuous food at a fair price... then we were shown out the open dining area as well, where we can also indulge in our meals while reminiscing the sunset views while watching the kids play in the lovely pool ... it was such a spectacular tour, one I will never forget.

This is why I want to go to Subic, that is why I want to stay in The Lighthouse Resort Hotel.

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  1. been here and i fell in love with the place.. would love to comeback soon..



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