Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello peeps!!!!

It's me once again.... thanks for looking at my posts again... well as I have told you guys... there are many things that are being given free... that is if you have joined the right one... here are more items that I have won, most of them are indeed very useful, here goes:

Item no. 3 - from Gastro - Chef

I got this item just the other day, they sent it through their messenger.  From the look of it, it is well crafted and made of pure stainless steel, they have many branches already opened metro wide, and with the success of their promo, they intend to this again by year end, so wait for it and be a fan of their facebook page:

You may visit their web page for other kitchen items they have on the slelf.  Thanks to Tina Montalban for this..

Item No. 4 - GARNIER Skin Care Kit 

I got this from 
do click on the link as they have many promos for you guys to join in, best of all it's free.  You just have to be a fan on their facebook page.  The package is very complete not like the other giveaways which only give you some sachets, you can use this for a whole month...  Thanks Christine for guiding me through the whole promo as well as in claiming this hope I could meet you in person next time.

 The package included the following:

a.) moisturizing cream
b.) overnight whitening peeling cream

 c.) gentle clarifying foam
 d.) milky lightening dew
 e.) lightening peel off mask 
 f.) brightening eye roll on

Item no. 5 - A yumm pack from Kraft Eden

I was supposed to get this from the Araneta Coliseum last Dec. 14, sad to say but they ran out.  They took my cel no. and finally they contacted me to get the yumm kudos to them for being faithful to their promotion and still give yumm packs to those who were not able to receive this..... Thanks to Ms. Joyce Pogoy for contacting me....

well, so far here are some of the items that I have received though the powerful web... some of them I was not able to post like the ice cream tub I got from GONUTS DONUTS which was very creamy indeed, because I finished it up already... lol.  Anyways guys, it you do join the online promos and don't get to win the prize, don't fret someday it might just be your name posted on the winner's list....  I do have some more prizes coming, I'll post them as soon as I get them....... again thanks!!!! to you and the all the people sharing their blessings!!!
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