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Ena Mori drops “Heartache Generation,” her first single after 2022 album release

The much-awaited song comes with a one-take video shot entirely using smart glasses

Filipino-Japanese artist Ena Mori continues to break new ground with the release of her new single “Heartache Generation,” out on Friday, March 15, 2024, via Offshore Music and Sony Music Entertainment.

The eclectic track chronicles the singer-songwriter’s bouts with existential crisis as she approaches her birthday, fearing the inability to capture the same sense of purpose and wonder amidst the noise reverberating inside her head.

 “Heartache Generation is written by me, and it’s about being afraid of getting older and feeling overwhelmed with life that changes so quicklyan existential crisis that comes with anxiety and pressure,” Ena shares. “This is the first single after the album has been released and an introduction to what kind of direction I'm going for the next big release.”

As a pop trailblazer that embraces the unconventional with ease, Ena Mori and her co-producer Tim Marquez explore contemporary and vintage music elements with the same kind of adventurousness often heard in their previous collaborations, but with a fresher and more inspired take.

The VIVID act adds, “We experimented with different textures of sound, such as nylon guitar, percussions, and synthesizers, and it definitely gives a dimension that is different from the previous releases. Sonically, I added tiny but significant touches of new sounds here and there, something you haven't heard from my album.”

The official release of “Heartache Generation” comes with a music video that Ena Mori shot on Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. Being more in control of the visual direction this time around, the young music prodigy conceptualized the narrative with tech-first creative lab Tony & and was heavily involved even in production design. The one-take video premiered and was streamed live on March 5, 2024, at 7p.m.—the exact day and time that it was shot.

“Being able to conceptualize together with Tony & team was such a blissful experience. Up to a tiny detail such as the color of the balloons and auroras, it truly was something we all envisioned, and we are very happy that it came to life,” Ena shares in a press statement.

The MV reflects the nature of the lyrics, starting with a birthday party gone strange. As Ena puts it, “the visuals show how fast life changes; you have to be the one to chase after rather than life being beside us.”

Ena Mori’s “Heartache Generation” will be out on Friday, March 15, 2024 on all digital music platforms worldwide via Offshore Music and Sony Music Entertainment. The music video will drop on Friday, March 15 2024 (6 pm).

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About Ena Mori

Ena Mori is a walking musical paradox. Starting her musical journey at a young age as a classical pianist, ena mori uses her dynamic range of different musical influences and creates her own sophisticated pop sound. Her tunes hop with neon-light vibrance, but also bop with lovelorn soul, owing to her Japanese-Filipino pedigree. But whatever hyphenated tag critics and admirers alike choose to append to her material—art-pop, synth-pop, dream-pop—the ena mori crusade is, essentially, one in vigorous defense of pop music making (full stop): a criminally undermined enterprise she’s working not so much to salvage but ravage (full stop), which is to say, in her own words, “I’ve always wanted to write pop that pushes boundaries.”

Her first album, "DON'T BLAME THE WILD ONE!" which includes singles such as "VIVID", and "SOS" was rated No.1 for NME Asia's Best Albums of the Year 2022. Along with a 5-star rating of the album, the review of NME says "It's a triumphant rallying cry for the dejected, filled with pop hooks that reach for the stars."

About Sony Music Entertainment

At Sony Music Entertainment, we honor the creative journey. Our creators shape movements, culture, communities, even history. And we’ve played a pioneering role in music history, from establishing the first-ever music label to inventing the flat disc record. We’ve nurtured some of music’s most iconic artists and produced some of the most influential recordings of all time. Today, we work in more than 100 countries, supporting a diverse and distinctive roster of talented creators at every level and on every stage. Situated at the intersection of music, entertainment, and technology, we bring imagination and expertise to emerging products and platforms, embrace new business models, and employ breakthrough tools—all to support the creative community’s experimentation, risk-taking, and growth. And we form deep, trusted, cause-based partnerships to uplift and empower communities around the world. Sony Music Entertainment is part of the global Sony family. Learn more about our creators and labels here.

About Offshore Music

Offshore Music is an independent record label founded by a mix of businessmen and musicians in 2016. Its aim is to guide the listeners of Filipino music toward artists with the ability to make the familiar sound fresh. Driven by initiative and imagination, Offshore Music provides an honest space of creativity, and above all, an avenue for quality music.

In June 2023, the company entered a partnership with Sony Music Philippines and has since propelled Offshore Music into greater heights with a new fervor and passion for music.

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