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Pocky day 11.11 Celebrate Pocky Day 11.11 with this fun TikTok challenge! Pocky Cha11enge helps Gen Z build real-world connections


As Glico Philippines celebrate Pocky Day on 11.11, the company is bringing the Pocky Cha11enge to TikTok, an online space that Gen-Zers love, in order to create an opportunity for them to build more in-person connections offline.

Pinoy Gen-Zers (Filipinos born between 1996 and 2010) are digitally native and passionate about issues that affect our world. 

However, when it comes to building real-world connections, life can get a little complicated. Connecting offline has become harder ever since the pandemic all but killed off opportunities for socializing in real life. After all, many social events — such as proms and soirees — which other generations may have taken for granted while growing up, have been replaced with Zoom or Discord for these Gen-Zers.

With Pocky Cha11enge, get ready to get social, in the true sense of the word!

So what’s the Pocky Cha11enge?

Simply fit as many friends on screen in 11 seconds. Participants could get as creative as they want with their friends! 

Step 1: Hold your palm up.
Step 2: Wait for the virtual Pocky Box to ‘appear’ on your palm.
Step 3: Watch for the timer to start.

Step 4: Fit as many friends creatively, on-screen within 11 seconds. 

Step 3: Share it on TikTok with the hashtag

#PockyCha11enge #ShareHappiness and tag @glico_philippines!

This challenge will start on November 8, 2023, and run until November 25, 2023. All you need is Pocky and your friends!

Happiness awaits at Pocky’s LIFE FOUR CUTS Selfie Booths!

Another thing that Gen-Zers love? Selfie booths! Every hang-out with friends is not complete unless capped with a trip to the nearest selfie booth. That’s why Pocky partnered with LIFE FOUR CUTS, a famous selfie booth chain in the Philippines, to share even more happiness with the Gen Z!

Curious how it will work? Just follow these steps:

  1. Collect Pocky-themed props and enter the selfie booth.
  2. Select the Pocky 11:11 frame.
  3. Take your photo prints.
  4. Open TikTok and activate the Pocky Cha11enge Branded Effect.
  5. Share your photo booth session using the Pocky Cha11enge effect.
  6. Show staff at the booth for a chance to get a free Pocky product!

These Pocky booths will be active from November 8, 2023, to November 25, 2023, at the following LIFE FOUR CUTS stores:

- SM Mega Mall

- Robinsons Galleria    

- AYALA Mall Circuit

- SM City Grand Central    

- Robinsons Manila  

- AYALA Mall Trinoma

- SM City Fairview      

- Uptown Mall BGC      

- Glorietta 1

- Venice Grand Canal Mall 

- SM City North EDSA

Limited edition flavour: Festive Delight coming up!

In celebration of Pocky Day on 11.11, Glico Philippines will also be releasing a delicious, limited edition flavor, the Pocky Festive Delight! Get ready to taste this delightful mix of berries and macaron. This will be available starting from the end of November until December. Make sure to get one and share happiness with Pocky!

Official Facebook

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Glico Brand Store (Shopalyst)

Glico Asia Pacific website

About Glico

On February 11, 2022, the Glico Group celebrated the 100th year of its founding. In 1922, Glico’s nutritious Glico caramel in its distinctive red box first hit the shelves of a department store. Headquartered in Japan, Glico has since expanded into Asia Pacific, European, and North American markets with the aspiration to stay true to its founding spirit of enhancing people’s health through food.

Led by its well-loved confectionary brands such as Pocky, Pretz, and Pejoy, Glico has now expanded its portfolio* to include ice cream products, baby formula, milk products, desserts, food ingredients, and raw materials for cosmetic and health products. Its health and wellness offerings such as the SUNAO range of zero sucrose, low carbohydrate food products and Almond Koka almond milk are gaining popularity outside of Japan after becoming a hit in its domestic market.   * Some products in the portfolio may be available in Japan only.

About Pocky

Since its launch in Japan in 1966, Pocky has maintained its core concept while gradually changing its packaging and formulation to meet the times and society. The new Pocky range was launched in the Philippines on June 8 in 2022 to suit the changing consumption scene and purchasing behavior in Southeast Asia. With growing health consciousness, more and more consumers are looking for healthier choices and more guilt-free products. In line with this, we added fiber into the pretzel of Pocky which offers more health benefits. We also added wholewheat into the pretzel which gives it a lighter and crispier texture. The rich and smooth chocolate gives the right balance of sweetness while enhancing the unique aroma of the chocolate flavors by adjusting the ratio of cream to biscuit.

About Pocky day

Pocky day was established in 2016 as a day to encourage people to start sharing happiness. November 11 was chosen because the Pocky biscuit stick resembles the number “1”. It was first organized on November 11 in 1999, the eleventh year of the Japanese Heisei era: 11/11/11. It is an official day recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association[1].

We hope that Pocky day will not only become the day to think of and appreciate the important people in your life, but also a day to take action and make them happy.

■ Our Distributor


Office Address: 917 Banawe St., Barangay Manresa, Quezon City


LIFE FOUR CUTS is a famous self-photo booth chain founded in South Korea. One can capture their unique moments with friends, family and colleagues and take advantage of this active engagement where one can snap all the fun and happy memories and enjoy a whacky face fest. LIFE FOUR CUTS has branches in other countries including the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Guatemala, Taiwan, and United Kingdom.


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