Monday, August 23, 2021

Protect your business from counterfeit HP printing products with Customer Delivery Inspections (CDIs)


Despite the ongoing pandemic, crime syndicates have, in fact, become even bolder. Counterfeiting, in particular, are as rampant as ever and the production and selling of fake printing supplies including inks, toners, and the like, continue to flourish. 

For businesses that rely on HP printers to keep their operations going, falling prey to poor-quality fakes can have negative consequences, especially when it comes to the continuous productivity, output, and reliability of their HP machines.

The unforeseen risks of using fake products

One may ask: what can actually happen if a business uses counterfeit HP products? Counterfeit cartridges can cause damage to the HP printer hardware, therefore leading to downtimes of the company’s printing infrastructure, thereby disrupting workflows and output quality. Moreover, and even more concerning, is how the company’s reputation can be put at risk, because the buying and distribution of counterfeit products remains illegal.

HP’s anti-counterfeit Customer Delivery Inspections (CDIs)

To address this alarming concern, HP is now making available its Anti-Counterfeit and Fraud (ACF) Program Asia-Pacific through its Customer Delivery Inspections (CDIs), an effective way to protect businesses from purchasing fake products. Upon request, the HP ACF product experts will inspect large or medium-sized deliveries of printing supplies which are suspected to contain counterfeits. This is typically conducted at the customers’ premises or, on a case-to-case basis, and in light of the pandemic, done remotely as photo-based CDIs or virtual CDIs using video calls.

How to request for an inspection

If the buyer notices suspicious bids in tenders or believe a delivery to contain suspicious products, a CDI can be easily requested. To do so, simply accomplish and submit the CDI Request Form, which will then be subject to review by the HP ACF. If deemed actionable, a team will be sent immediately – at the buyer’s convenience and at zero cost. HP strongly suggests that during this period, it’s best not to inform the supplier or to return any products. Postponing payments to the items bought is likewise highly recommended, when possible.

And should the products on hand appear to be confirmed counterfeits after a thorough inspection, the team will then ask for the name of the supplier and a copy of the proof of purchase. In a matter of 5 working days, HP will send a Report of Findings either via email or a physical copy will be sent by courier, a valuable document which can be used to file a complaint against the supplier.

Purchase only from trusted vendors

As its way to further protect businesses from being short-changed and duped by unscrupulous suppliers, HP reminds businesses to only purchase authentic HP printing products from trusted vendors such as contracted HP partners. To learn more about counterfeiting and purchasing safely on the HP website, visit

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