Friday, March 26, 2021

ALL-DAY FUN AT HOME: A list of activities you can do while staying home with the vivo Y31

At a time when millennials are giving themselves a tap at the back for surviving the first year of the quarantine, the challenge is to find new activities to continue staying home especially this summer.

Good thing that there are now a lot of funtertainment available at the palm of your hands, made more enjoyable by the likes of vivo Y31 that allows for all-day fun with its longer-lasting battery life. Here are some of the activities that’ll keep you preoccupied and productive this summer:

Brush up on photography skills

A year into quarantine really amped up everyone’s appreciation of life outside. Give yourself respite from being holed-up at home by stepping out for some sun and brushing up on some outdoor photography of even the tiniest of marvels.

Let subjects stand out with bokeh effects, zoom closer to tiny wonders with macro shots, or make things sparkle in the dark with night shots. The vivo Y31’s already very powerful 48-megapixel main camera is complemented with a dedicated 2-megapixel bokeh camera and another 2-megapixel macro camera. Its super night mode can also capture the beautiful shades even in low-light settings.

Fall in love with a new genre

K-Dramas took the year by storm and it would not hurt to explore another culture or another genre. Streaming sites are packing their content with reality shows, coming-of-age movies, and award-winning original films. The new titles are best enjoyed on HD screens. vivo Y31, for example, boasts a wide and immersive view for videos with its FHD+ Halo FullView Display. Aside from magnifying thrilling scenes, the phone also filters out the harmful blue light to prevent eye strain.

Level up vlogs, TikTok videos

There’s always a place on the internet for new recipes, new planting techniques, best pet practices, among other interesting and inspiring raw contents. Tiktok short clips are making the internet more fun too. Professional-looking videos can be produced with the help of vivo Y31 and its Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) which makes shots more stable. High-level video capturing is just a tap away.

Be a gaming expert

Stay-at-home gaming moments can be more exciting by elevating one’s ranking from beginner to expert or switching from a mobile game to another. vivo Y31 makes this mission possible with the built-in Multi-Turbo 4.0 which optimizes core scenes to reduce stuttering and lag in games. Now, that’s leveled up all-day gaming.

All of these fun activities can be done with just a single smartphone. It would be good if they can be cleaned up nicely with built-in apps like vivo Y31’s iManager, which keeps the device in good shape by scanning for possible issues automatically. Owning a hardworking smartphone and keeping it well-checked will bring a certain level of fun at home during these uncertain times.

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