Monday, October 12, 2020

Your digital survival kit for these trying times

 Do a thorough digital decluttering regularly to help improve your productivity.

The pandemic has forced many to work or attend classes from home and rely heavily on technology to get tasks done efficiently and on time. To further maximize your time, AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance companies, suggests to try these tech tips and tricks for better output and productivity to make your life easier:

Do digital decluttering. A lagging laptop or desktop is very inconvenient especially when you’re trying to accomplish tasks or meet deadlines at work. When this happens often, it’s probably time to do a thorough digital decluttering on your entire operating systems or extensions installed in your devices. An easy way to declutter is to first backup all your files via Google Drive or Dropbox, then clean up your device for unnecessary files, and empty your download folder and computer trash.  Do this regularly to help improve your productivity as it removes a few bugs and generally speeds up whatever gadget you’re using. 

Download useful apps only. For work, for example, you can use video call apps for virtual meetings and a to-do list app to keep track of your tasks. Also, now more than ever, keep an eye out for apps that can help you be prepared in case of emergencies especially amid the pandemic. For instance, the Emma by AXA app gives access to 24/7 emergency services such as ambulance, fire, police, and roadside assistance for free. The app, which is available on the App or Google Play Store, also allows AXA customers to monitor their policy online and conveniently access their funds, investments, transaction history, and AXA’s e-servicing features. Even non-customers can get the app.

Get creative about where to shop online. With community quarantine still in place, everyone is encouraged to stay at home. Quarantine passes are also limited and long lines at the grocery can be inconvenient. With this current situation, it may be better and safer to purchase all the essentials online. The key is to be careful and creative about where to shop online. Choose only legitimate merchants or trusted referrals and contact distributors of your favorite brands directly. For food and supplements, there are various Instagram accounts offering a good selection and delivery. Even insurance policies for your protection can be bought directly online, like from the AXA Philippines website (, which offer products such as Motor Online (, Health Start Lite Getter (, and Smart Traveler (for essential travel only

Keep files organized. Universal storage, such as Google Drive, Drop Box, iCloud, has become an increasingly practical way of keeping your data synchronized on all your devices. This way, you can easily work anywhere and not worry about possible technical glitches from USBs or hard drives. Best of all, you can easily update them in one go.

Use keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts help you maximize your keyboard with little use of the mouse. This may also help you save money as there is no need to buy a mouse or have it repaired if it breaks or gets lost. Here are some shortcuts you can try: If you’re filling out a form, press the tab key to move on to the next field. If you want to go back to the previous field, just press the shift and tab keys. Other keyboard shortcuts that may be helpful on a PC are Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + X to cut, Ctrl + V to paste, and F5 to refresh the active window.

Make your work and life easier by trying these handy, time-saving tech tips from AXA Philippines. To know more, visit and follow AXA on Facebook ( and Instagram (

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