Sunday, September 27, 2020

Gretchen Ho leads “Girl Talk” web special for World Vision’s “1000 Girls” Campaign

World Vision Celebrity Ambassador Gretchen Ho will headline “Girl Talk”, a special live webinar that will discuss and highlight issues young girls and women are facing today.

Hosted by Gretchen Ho, the webinar happening this September 30, 2020 is entitled “#GirlsCan Do Business”, focused on affirming young entrepreneurs’ business journey. The live stream will start at 6:00 PM on World Vision’s official Facebook page. This event will be live and free for all.

Human Nature’s President Anna Meloto-Wilk, The SHEeo Society’s Founder Maine Uy, and SlashIgnite’s Founder and Chief Igniter Noreen Bautista will join “Girl Talk” to share their knowledge and personal insights from years of being women leaders in business.

The live webinar is part of World Vision’s ongoing “1000 Girls” campaign, which is aimed at empowering girls by helping them discover their potentials and achieve their dreams, especially during these challenging times. The campaign’s theme this year is “#GirlsCan”.

“World Vision is deeply humbled and proud to have Gretchen become the face of ‘1000 Girls’ and now, the host of ‘Girl Talk’. As the entire world currently face an enormous challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must keep to heart that a lot of young girls are in difficult situations and need our help. Together, we can ensure that chidlren will continue to be educated, healthy, protected, and cared for so that they will be empowered to have a better future”, said Rommel Fuerte, World Vision’s National Director.

This event is co-presented by World Vision’s Social Development Academy and The SHEeo Society.

To know how you can support “1,000 Girls” by sponsoring a girl today, visit

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