Saturday, September 28, 2019

Safe and Calm Amidst the Storm

The monsoon season is officially here and as the Filipino community gear up for the cold and damp weather, pet owners must also make the necessary preparations to ensure that their four-legged pals are safe and ready for the rainy season.

The Pet Food Institute, together with its partnered pet food brands, join together to educate the Filipino pet community as they share tips on how to protect pets during the rainy season.


A common problem among pet owners during the rainy season is how to keep their pets healthy despite having their physical activities restricted by the weather. There are several indoor activities such as playing fetch and learning tricks that pet owners can do to ensure their furry companions stay active and healthy despite the weather. Aside from these activities, pet owners are encouraged to give their four-legged pals a well-balanced diet in order to ensure that their dogs and cats get the right amount of nutrition to stay healthy.

Understanding a pet’s metabolism system is the first step in helping them improve it. There are several factors such as age and weight that affect their pet’s metabolism. Consulting a veterinarian is the best step to ensure that their pets are getting the right type of diet.

Finding the perfect shelter for one’s pets during the rainy season is easier said than done. Pets, much like humans, require a dry and comfortable bed to sleep in during the rainy season. Several breeds of dogs such as Bulldogs and Chihuahuas, most especially cats like the Siamese cat are more sensitive to cold temperatures. Therefore, owners must constantly check their pet’s beddings to ensure that their furry pals sleep on a clean and dry space to prevent them from getting sick.

Aside from providing pet’s a clean and dry environment from the rain, these shelters must also serve as a safe haven for pets when they seek refuge from thunder. Several pets tend to seek comfort in the arms of their owners; owners may want to consider letting their pet join them in their room in case he or she is spooked by the thunder.

During the rainy season, grooming is often overlooked however it is also an important part of a pet’s wellbeing to avoid them from acquiring bad infections brought by the humidity that will compromise their health.

Pet’s food bowls must also be regularly cleaned in order to protect their pets from bacteria that could lead to gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and vomiting.

About the Pet Food Institute
Since 1958, the Pet Food Institute has been the voice of the U.S. pet food and treat makers. PFI is the industry's representative before Congress and state legislatures, as well as state and federal agencies; public education and media relations resource; organizer of seminars and educational programs; and liaison with other organizations. PFI represents the companies that make 98 percent of U.S. dog and cat food and treat products, an industry with more than $30 billion in U.S. retail sales and nearly $1.5 billion in exports in 2018. Visit to learn more.

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