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The UP Men's Basketball Team leads a Cashless Lifestyle with PayMaya

As the UP Fighting Maroons prepare for the upcoming UAAP season, PayMaya officially backs this season's most highly-anticipated collegiate basketball team. The players were given their very own PayMaya cards which they can use to kickstart their convenient cashless lifestyle at home or in school. PayMaya's CEO-Founder and a true-blooded maroon from UP, Orlando B. Vea, poses with the members of the team. 

Going cashless makes everyday tasks easier - from purchasing airline tickets at the comforts of your own home, getting awesome rebates from your shopping haul, and even skipping the lines when you’re paying for your bills. These days, you can purchase almost everything you need with just a tap, swipe, or scan – no more fumbling for loose change, or getting worried of pick-pockets.   

However convenient, unlocking all these perks can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a credit card.   

Take David Murrell and James Spencer, members of the University of the Philippines Men’s Basketball Team, for example. Both, along with their teammates, are now able to enjoy the cashless lifestyle with their ultimate payment buddy, PayMaya. This is just one of the many ways PayMaya has shown support to the UP MBT as the brand recently threw in support for the team’s bid to the Season ‘82 UAAP Basketball Championship.  

“My everyday life will definitely be easier, now that I have my own PayMaya account. Before, not having a credit card prevented me from enjoying online shopping or subscribing to streaming apps. With my PayMaya, I can conveniently pay for all of these and even take advantage of awesome promos,” says David.

For students like David, PayMaya is the best payment buddy to go with in this cashless lifestyle. Setting up a PayMaya account literally just takes a few seconds and a couple of taps on your smartphone. Application is completely hassle-free and different from the tedious process of getting a credit card.    

With PayMaya on hand, you can easily enjoy the perks of the cashless lifestyle including shopping online, subscribing to on-demand services like Netflix or Spotify, booking flights, or even paying for your dinner in restaurants, in a secure and convenient way, even without a credit card.    

You also get the best value for your money – with the countless deals and cashbacks offered by PayMaya when you use it for your online and in-store purchases, bills payment, or even send-money.  

Cash-free, hassle-free!   

Members of the UP Men’s Basketball team got a taste of the safe, easy, and convenient cashless experience brought by PayMaya when they paid for coffee and pastries using Scan To Pay with PayMaya QR.  

James and David expressed their excitement on using PayMaya in their everyday lives. James, in particular, is eager to try it the next time he eats out with friends.   

“I usually go to restaurants with friends to spend time together, and the thing that I find most annoying is when we have to split the bill and figure out each other’s contribution and change. I think PayMaya’s send-money option can definitely help me with that,” says Spencer.   

Splitting the bill is so much easier when you and your barkada send the exact amount to your friend’s PayMaya account. All that’s left to do is swipe that PayMaya card or scan that QR code using the PayMaya app.   

For David, having his handy PayMaya card can definitely save him from travel disasters, like needing emergency cash abroad and finding no money exchange establishments nearby. 

PayMaya card is your best travel buddy – allowing you to purchase at any Visa or Mastercard partner stores worldwide and easily withdraw funds in the local currency whenever you need it.  

Adulting with PayMaya   

James and David are not all about just spending their money to eat out or travel. As newbies to the adulting life, these basketball idols have also just started to pay for their own bills using their allowances.    

With PayMaya, they can conveniently complete this task even as they are taking a quick break from class or from practice, all within the app. All they have to do is tap Pay Bills on the app, select their biller, key in the amount and the billing number and hit pay.   

With these new responsibilities, managing their allowances is more important than ever. While they spend on their wants from time to time, saving money is also something they are eager to achieve in the future. Both of them are aware that the first step in achieving this, is avoiding overspending.   

As a prepaid card, PayMaya prevents overspending because you only spend the money you have in your account. PayMaya provides users the security of being able to track their spending and budget their funds better which perfect for James and David, who are new to adulting.   

“Apart from enabling us to go cashless whenever we travel or eat out, I think PayMaya is also a great tool to help us manage our expenses. When you have cash on hand, it’s so easy to spend it and we often don’t realize how quick it’s leaving our pocket. By just opening the PayMaya app, I can instantly see how much I have on my account, how much money I spent, and what I spent my money on. This is a big help especially as we try to be more responsible when it comes to our spending,” adds Spencer.   

Download the PayMaya app now and enjoy the cashless lifestyle with the UP Fighting Maroons! Experience cashless convenience and get the best deals when you pay for the things you love online and in-stores, with your very own PayMaya account. Visit to get the best value for your money with every spend. 

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