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How to Keep Insects Away from Pet Bowls

Pet owners must never underestimate the importance of a clean bowl and should be keen on keeping their pets’ dish clean to avoid bowl infestation. Pet food and treats contain high levels of nutrients making them a gold mine for bugs. Meaning, overlooking the need to regularly clean a pet’s bowl will attract pests and will result in an infestation. Responsible pet owners must be wary of contamination as it can cause serious health issues for their pets.

The Pet Food Institute (PFI), together with its members from pet food and treat manufacturers, reinforces its commitment to educate pet owners about proper pet nutrition as they share 3 easy steps to pest-proof one’s pet bowl and keep the creepy crawlies away. 

Step 1: Proper Pet Food Storage is the Key!

Pet food manufacturers invest on their products’ packaging to ensure that these arrive in the market fresh and bug-free. Much like these manufacturers, pet owners must invest in a container that will properly keep pests like ants, cockroaches, and mice away from their pets’ tasty treats.

Veterinarians constantly remind pet owners to keep dry food off the floor and store these in a cool and dry location. When a package of dry pet food is opened, it is important for pet lovers to store the food in an enclosed plastic or metal container inside the house. When storing an open container of wet or fresh pet food, pet lovers should keep the food covered in the refrigerator and follow label directions.

Step 2: Keep it clean

One of the greatest joys of being pet owners is seeing a pet happily eat their delicious meal or treat. However, this excitement can cause quite a mess. Pet owners must immediately pick up any food scraps that might have fallen on the floor and clean up the area when their pet is done with their meal. Overlooking the importance of cleanliness will attract pests and will be stressful to both the pet and the owner.

Several veterinarians recommend giving energetic pets special bowls that are designed to help minimize food clutter when they chow down on their meal.

Step 3: Don’t Leave Food Out Overnight

Pet owners must never forget to leave food or their pet’s food out overnight. When pet owners and their furry companions go to sleep, nocturnal creatures like cockroaches and mice will come out to look for food. If pet owners are not careful and do not practice proper pet food storage, it is likely that these pests will contaminate their pet’s food and might cause serious health issues to their beloved pet.

PFI is committed in educating pet owners about proper pet nutrition to keep pets healthy and happy.  Through its local initiative, Well-Fed, Well-Nurtured campaign in partnership with the Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines (VPAP), PFI seeks to advocate responsible pet ownership to the ever-growing Filipino pet community.

For more information on PFI and pet care, visit or follow @PetFoodInstitute on Facebook and @USPetFood Twitter.

About the Pet Food Institute
Since 1958, the Pet Food Institute has been the voice of the U.S. pet food industry. PFI is the industry's representative before Congress and state legislatures, as well as state and federal agencies; public education and media relations resource; organizer of seminars and educational programs; and liaison with other organizations. PFI represents the companies that make 98 percent of U.S. dog and cat food, an industry with more than $20 billion in U.S. retail sales and $1.3 billion in exports in 2015.

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