Thursday, January 4, 2018

With Love From Abroad: Best Wishes To The Newlyweds

Most of us, Filipinos, would not dare to miss that moment of loved ones tying the knot with their loved one. The celebration of a new family, often marked poignantly by bridal marches, wedding chimes, and the sweet exchange of wedding vows, is the start of a new chapter. Being a part of this  should never be missed.
Some people who live and work abroad, however, are not fortunate to witness their family members say ‘I do.’ This is especially true for overseas Filipinos, who often skip this special occasion because of their careers’ demands or to avoid the costs that a trip back to the Philippines might incur.

Still, they tend to exhaust all efforts to take part in special occasions as weddings even though they live and work somewhere far away. Thanks to social media and other innovations in technology, those who live and work abroad can still take part in the ceremony and extend their best wishes beyond their physical presence.
Now, what does it take to meaningfully convey your best wishes to the bride and groom when you can’t attend their wedding? A few things to keep in mind:
Choose your gift wisely…
Your choice of the present can reflect your thoughtfulness for the newly-married couple. Will your gift remind them about the special relationship you have? Does it help the newlyweds in their efforts to build a home? Anything that could help the couple get started with their new life together will show how deeply you care about them.
…or let them choose the present they want to receive
Life abroad can be troubling as even tasks like shopping can be an additional burden. Some engaged couples use bridal registries provided by websites or retail stores to list down the items they would like to receive. This can be helpful if you are considering what gifts you can send to the married couple.
You can also consider remitting your shopping budget to someone in the Philippines who can shop for the wedding gift. But if the bride or groom is someone really close to you, they can receive money directly from you. It may be awkward for some but it gives the newly engaged couple more freedom to choose something they would rather have.
A remittance can also be more cost-friendly compared to gift shipment, which could entail more expenditure. Thankfully, money transfer services like MoneyGram can facilitate easier transactions because of the accessibility of its branches worldwide and partnerships with institutions like SMBDO, MetrobankCebuana LhuillierM. LhuillierAllied Bank, and Smart Money.
By sending money via MoneyGram, you can be certain that your transaction is secure and that your money will actually get something special for the wedding. You may have missed the celebration but you still helped make it memorable for the new couple.
Include a sweet message
Mobile chat or video applications can also make it possible for you to witness the actual ceremony though you may be on the other side of the world. It enables you also to personally congratulate the newlyweds. If your time zones and schedules would make it impossible, an equally sweet gesture is a pre-recorded message that the couple can watch during or after the celebration.
By combining a thoughtful gift with a heartfelt message, your involvement in a wedding could not get any sweeter though you never made it to the actual ceremony.
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