Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Manila Water Undertakes Improvement Projects For Balara Treatment Facilities

Manila Water is implementing a series of projects worth Php 1.35 billion to ensure the stability and reliability of several water treatment and distribution structures in Balara, Quezon City.
Priority among these projects is the retrofitting of the flocculation and sedimentation basins in Balara Treatment Plant (BTP) 2. Built in 1958, the plant treats 1,130 million liters of water per day (MLD) which serves 30% of the company’s concession area, including Metro Manila’s east zone and portions of Rizal Province. Retrofitting is part of the company’s measures to ensure continuous operation in the event of a possible 7.2 magnitude earthquake from the West Valley fault, known as the “Big One.”

In BTP 1, new wash water recovery pumps are installed to optimize water use. Wash water results from water being used to cleanse filter beds. Previously, wash water is treated prior to discharging and considered non-revenue water. The new system aims to recover 20 MLD of water loss (equivalent to 20 deep well sources) and make operation more sustainable.

Improvements are likewise underway in the auxiliary structures. At the Balara Pump Station, new variable frequency drives (VFD) are being installed to ensure stable water pressure for pipes conveying water to Katipunan and Tandang Sora in Quezon City. Minimizing pressure surges will also reduce incidents of pipe breakages leading to service interruption.
A number of aqueducts are being repaired as well to prevent complete dilapidation. Installed in the 1960s and 1970s, these aqueducts are the main distribution channels from BTP 1 and BTP 2 to its customer supply areas.
The enhancements being done at the Balara facilities and lines are set to be completed by 2020. “These projects are being done in phases to make sure there is no service inconvenience to our customers. We maintain full operations for 24/7 supply of clean and potable water,” said Maidy Lynn Quinto, Manila Water Group Director for Corporate Project Management.
“The Balara treatment facilities are some of the oldest in Asia and we will continue to extend its serviceability and preserve its glory as a symbol of the Filipino resilience and innovation,” she added.
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