Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mitsubishi Electric Group Of Companies Contributes To A Greener Philippines

As part of its environmental corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, Mitsubishi Electric Group of Companies in the Philippines recently organized a tree planting activity in Laguna, Philippines.
Held at Tayak Hill in Rizal, Laguna, the event was attended by volunteers from various Mitsubishi Electric subsidiaries in the country, all united in an effort to preserve the environment and to contribute to the company’s vision of a greener Philippines.
According to Mitsubishi Electric Asia-Asia Corporate Office Director Shoichi Suwa, the company has embarked on such activity to help lessen the hazardous impacts on the environment brought by industrialization.

“Mitsubishi Electric recognizes that our planet needs to be protected for future generations. Climate change is one of the most critical issues that we must address, to realize a sustainable global environment," he said.
Around a thousand seedlings of bignay and guyabano were planted on the slopes of Tayak Hill, which was chosen because of its ecological importance to the province of Laguna serving as a catchment area for rain water. The trees that were planted will help prevent soil erosion and preserve the natural flow of ground water, essential in sustaining streams and lakes around San Pablo. These bodies of water are considered main sources of livelihood to nearby communities.
In terms of sustaining the project, International Elevator and Equipment, Inc. (IEE) President Ramoncito Ocampo said that they have arranged for caretakers to look after the trees, and to make sure that the project will stay viable and useful to Rizal and its surrounding towns.
“By planting a tree, we promote life. Not only do trees take in carbon dioxide as part of the photosynthesis, it also gives oxygen as by product and this is vital for human survival,” he said.
Suwa noted that the tree planting activity is just the start of Mitsubishi Electric’s environmental endeavors in the Philippines. He said, “We expect to continue because our aim is to lessen our environmental impact, and we are also thinking of doing clean-up drives. We believe that through our projects, people would know about our aim to help the environment. In the future, we would like Mitsubishi to be known as a green company.”
In addition to this initiative, Mitsubishi Electric companies have also implemented other environmental programs, like Laguna Auto-Parts Manufacturing Corporation’s (LAMCOR) participation in recycling competitions and vegetable gardening.
According to Suwa, the company wants to become a leading “green” company by its 100th anniversary part of its Environmental Vision 2021, which advocates concern for nature in all aspects of its business operations. “Hazardous companies do not care about environment. But we believe that if we want to maintain being a leading company, environmental concern is the key element,” he said.
“This endeavor does not bring immediate result. Our people should learn that environment is important, and if we do this step by step and slowly, we can soon see its effects which are long-term,” he added.
The activity was also strongly supported and participated in by the local government of Laguna, led by Rizal Mayor Tony Aurelio and Vice Mayor Vener Munoz.
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