Monday, June 13, 2016

The effective solution for multi-measuring and calculating The Bosch GLM 40 Professional - measures in seconds!

The portability and simplicity of a tape measure is made even better in a pocket-sized laser device. Industry leader in portable electronic tools and accessories Bosch presents the GLM 40 Professional laser measure. This miniature wonder matches the usability of the traditional measuring tape, only faster and easier!

The GLM 40 Professional laser measure combines the quick and convenient measurement of lengths and surfaces with a simple documentation. This device takes ladders and meter tapes out of the way, as the GLM 40 Professional laser measure allows professionals such as engineers, architects, and tradespeople identify measurements even more efficiently and record them with even greater ease because of its digitized and wireless design.

How does it work?
All the relevant functions are integrated in a heavy-duty housing that makes measuring much simpler. In just a touch of a button, the GLM 40 Professional can recognize distances up to 40 meters (131.2 feet) in only half of a second. Its laser feature indicates the length or width of the space being measured which provides major benefit for the users by automatically pinpointing hard-to-reach places, giving them the time-saving advancement they need for their construction application.

Beyond that, it has a continuous measurement function which allows users to read the dimensions in real time by sliding the gadget over the surface up to the targeted distance.

Quick calculation
The GLM 40 is not only capable of capturing distance measurements but room volume and area as well. With its efficient automatic area and volume calculation feature, operators can identify the width and length one after the other to get the result measurement of the area or volume. It also has a function that can add or subtract the measured values in just a few presses.

Dependable memory value display
Measurement data and notes can be directly stored and saved right then and there with the GLM 40’s memory value display. This feature enables the device store up to 10 values, a reliable function to retrieve measurements which can be used for future calculations.

Enclosed in robust housing
Whether the construction site takes place in a damp or dry set-up, the GLM 40 Professional will still run perfectly thanks to its IP54 protection rating certifying that the device is protected even when exposed to dust and water sprays. Encased in a portable, compact design, the GLM 40 Professional indeed is a dependable measuring partner that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Much of the advantages of the GLM 40 are being enjoyed by professional contractors like RJ Reyes, who currently works on a two-story house project. His duties mostly involve taking measurements such as layout, room partition and cabinetry. “What I am looking for in a measuring tool is ease-of-use and precision,” said Reyes. “Most of the time, I deal with taking measurements, which is a delicate process. When you get some of it wrong, everything has to be redone.”

One of his go-to tools, the GLM 40 Professional is a valued possession of his as it efficiently and accurately puts together all his measuring needs in just one go. “It definitely changed the game for me when it comes to distance measuring. All I have to do is place the GLM 40 on the surface and see the measurement on the display in just a click.”

Bosch’s innovation has truly set a benchmark in construction technology by focusing on consumer preference for trade and industry. Along with the GLM 40, Bosch has also rolled out exciting new measuring tool products for the market: the Bosch GLL 315 and GLL5-50 Line Lasers that specialize in alignment, leveling and squaring, the Bosch D-tect 120, the radar scanner for all materials, Bosch GIC 120 C Professional, the cordless inspection camera, and the trusty BT 150, the tool tripod to secure stance of all the measuring tools.

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