Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Style in the City: Daily Essentials for the Modern Urban Commuter

Daily traffic gets so heavy nowadays that it’s become a running joke that commuters in the metro need to gear up for war every day. Between getting to the office on time, work meetings, lunch dates, last-minute night outs, and other activities, modern women have to look and feel put together anytime, anywhere. Here are some commuter essentials to help you maintain comfort and composure during rush hours:


Hands-free Casual Bag

Bags with long shoulder straps are ideal for commuting. Hands-free bags make holding coffee, checking emails, and retouching makeup possible all at the same time. Opt for casual yet stylish bucket bags, messenger bags, and backpacks that can be casually worn on the shoulders and hold them in front the body to guard personal belongings.

Statement Sunglasses

Statement sunglasses are a must-have in every modern commuter’s arsenal. Its multiple uses include 1) protecting the eyes and blocking out the harsh sun rays, 2) keeping an #OOTD game on point even without a finished makeup look, and 3) as camouflage when taking a much-needed power nap after a late night.

Makeup Kit

Speaking of makeup, pack a small pouch with toiletries and makeup essentials to be able to refresh and retouch on the go. A compact mirror, lipstick, oil-control film, comb, and perfume will go a long way in making anyone look fresh for all appointments for the day.

Doodle Notebook

Gather your thoughts, make a to-do list, doodle, or write a journal entry while on the commute. Clearing the mind and putting ideas on paper helps any busy woman get ready for the day ahead.

Stylish Earphones

Listen to a playlist of favorite morning music to keep the pep in every step despite the morning rush. Try downloading audiobooks and language courses too, and learn new stuff while on the go.

Chic and Comfortable Footwear

Even the best outfits can look average with the wrong pair of shoes. Women-on-the-go with things to do and places to go to need footwear that can keep up with their daily sartorial needs. Butterfly Twists’ collection of stylish folding footwear can be worn for everyday use and are perfect for almost any occasion – from driving to clubbing and shopping to traveling.  Butterfly Twists’ innovative design and soft memory foam soles make walking around the metro more enjoyable. Redefining style, comfort, and fashion, Butterfly Twists helps every woman walk tall – even in flats.

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