Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dremel partners with skilled hobbyist Sonny Limjap

Multi-tool industry leader Dremel recently welcomed renowned Cab1net founder and administrator Sonny Limjap as the brand’s newest Rotary Tools ambassador. Dremel’s partnership with Sonny aims to showcase Dremel tools’ powerful features that will benefit any craftsman as he creates his projects.

“We at Dremel offer products and services that deliver the best results, such as our line of multi-tools and accessories,” says Michelle Espinosa, Brand Manager of Dremel Philippines. “We are delighted to welcome Sonny to the Dremel family. With his technical know-how and vast experience in craft making, we are confident that our joint efforts will promote the complete and flexible solutions of Dremel.”

Sonny has been using Dremel tools since 1982. A skilled woodworker, DIY enthusiast and hobbyist, Sonny has worked with various materials such as acrylics, teal, metal, and stone, but wood, according to Sonny, is special.

He started woodworking in 2006 after a long career as a professional in the automotive industry. He inherited his passion for woodworking from his grandfather, who Sonny says is a “jack of all trades and master of all”. He is Sonny’s inspiration in pursuing this craft. “As a child, I spent a lot of time with my Lolo.  I was always curious about his impressive old toolbox for home repairs, so I decided to tinker with it and created my first project – a computer case,” Sonny said.

He continues to hone his craftsmanship skills by studying woodworking lessons online and recreating them using his Dremel tools. “It’s one thing to know something, and another thing to do it,” he said. “To become genuinely good, you must apply the things you learn. I strive to do that with my craft everyday.”

Sonny proudly shared that Dremel is his go-to brand of tools for his smaller projects, which enable him to finish quicker without compromising craftsmanship and quality. “It’s perfect for the application. I can get into the micro-details, unlike other tools. The wide selection of accessories and its industrial design are just bonuses to an already very good Dremel tools lineup,” he said.   “Dremel stands out because it definitely makes my life easier.”

From miniature home embellishments to 14-foot conference tables, Sonny now has a collection of customized furniture which patrons may purchase from his own shop. Aside from woodworking, Sonny maintains his founding website, an online network of builders, carpenters and architects.

To check out Sonny’s creations, visit his YouTube channel, For more info about Dremel, visit and or visit their Facebook page,

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