Saturday, December 6, 2014

Status: Relationship complicated in romantic comedy “PLAYING IT COOL”

In today’s status driven world, “Playing It Cool” comes at the most opportune of time with a very simple, classic yet relatable theme on love – Chris Evans plays a writer, disillusioned by love, was suddenly tasked by his publisher to write a rom-com novel.  Not only does it hamper his next book’s publication, but for one who has been avoiding commitments for so long, he’s even more surprised to realize that he’s falling head over heels to someone (Michelle Monaghan) who  is already engaged.

This generation’s signature story, “Playing It Cool,” written by Chris Schafer and Paul Vicknair have penned a story that will move audiences around the world – a material so cinematic that it demands to be translated into film.    
With their debut screenplay, telling an artful love story in a style so fresh and unique it will undoubtedly be embraced by young audiences around the world as their story – the love story of our time.

At its core, the tale is simple and timeless. A young man, disillusioned by love, meets a breathtaking young woman who turns his world upside down. Narrated by our protagonist, the story captures in equal parts the heartache and comedy that comes from being young and in love, and through a series of well crafted vignettes that are scattered throughout the film, we’re offered glimpses into the mind of our hero as he resolves his emotions through these highly imaginative and comedic escapes from reality.

Producer Nicolas Chartier couldn’t be more excited to release the film, “I love this film and am honored to have the opportunity to produce it alongside my partners. Our audiences demand compelling storytelling, fresh thinking, and above all, authenticity. Playing It Cool delivers on all of these levels – creating an honest portrayal of the difficulty of love and life, told in a way that leaves all of us feeling refreshed and ultimately…optimistic.”
The movie began filming in late 2012 in Los Angeles, California. The producers of “Playing it Cool,” Voltage Pictures and Wonderland Sound and Vision have created a film that was already talk of the town. Chris Evans has been reportedly excited during the start of the filming because he will be working again with Anthony Mackie for the third time. It was remembered that both of them starred together in movies "What's Your Number" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." Also, Ioan Graffud would be Chris Evans is reuniting friend as both have starred in the 'Fantastic Four' series.

Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan have really complicated feelings in the film. Making him fall for her, not knowing at first that it will be all unrequited love for she is already engaged to someone else. What makes it more complicated is that, the Narrator (Evans) does not believe in love and commitment until he met and known her along the way that they have been together. The movie depicts the usual setup of lovers around the globe; the love that has been unrequited by someone else and a lot more complicated issues why two people can't be together in a more evident and apparent reason.

This pre-holiday’s date movie, “Playing It Cool” opens December 17 in cinemas nationwide (Pioneer Films distributes).

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